DW Drums launches wireless DWe e-drum kit

The world of E-drum innovations is always on our radar at drum-tec. Acoustic drum manufacturer DW has now introduced the DWe as the brand's first electrified acoustic drum kit.

The innovation of the DWe: it is the first wireless E-drum set on the market.

The hybrid drum consists of acoustic shells, just like any regular drum kit. However, it contains removable baskets with a complete trigger system. The set is complemented with E-drum cymbal pads.

Every signal from the triggers is wirelessly sent to an interface that works with its own software on your notebook but also works with other E-drum modules and DAWs.

The drummer in the band can now perform wirelessly, just like a singer or guitarist.

All triggers are powered by conventional batteries in the individual shells. The batteries are expected to last up to two years. Replacing them is a quick task once you've removed the mesh head from the shell.

In our shop, you can find more interesting solutions to transform any kind of acoustic drum kit into an electronic drum kit. Check out the groovebar and the groovedot here.

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