Get better by practice - why you need a practice pad!

Regular practice is the only way to become a good drummer. Unfortunately, due to space or time constraints, it's not always possible to complete daily practice sessions. Or your neighbor might feel disturbed when you want to perfect your paradiddles on your acoustic or electronic drum kit in the evenings.

The solution for all problems: Practice Pads!

In this short blog, we introduce the benefits and applications of practice pads for drummers.

Practice quietly...

The most important thing about practice pads is that they are nearly noiseless. You can practice anytime and anywhere, practically without disturbing others. This is especially important if you live in an apartment, a multi-family house, or a dormitory where noise disturbance can be an issue. With a practice pad, you can train your timing and speed without having to worry about the noise level.

Explore new dimensions...

Especially when learning completely unfamiliar techniques, intricate fills and rolls, new independence exercises, stickings, and rudiments, the loud sound of a drum kit can distract and confuse. This hinders progress and increases frustration. That's why many teachers and professionals practice new patterns on the practice pad first until the technique is truly mastered. This makes the execution on the acoustic setup much easier in the second step. There, you can focus on creatively arranging sticking patterns on the drum kit.

Improve precision and technique...

Practice pads are available with various surface textures. This allows you to simulate the feel and tension of different drums like the snare drum and floor tom. By practicing regularly on these pads, you enhance your precision and hand and foot technique. You can practice and refine various striking techniques and rudiments, which overall improves your playing quality.

Develop endurance and strength...

Drumming on practice pads allows you to work on your endurance and strength. Since practice pads typically have less rebound than your electronic or acoustic drum kit, playing on practice pads requires more strength and control. You strengthen your muscles and build more endurance. This positively impacts your abilities on the actual drum kit.

Benefit from versatility and additional features...

In addition to practicing striking techniques, many practice pads offer additional features. Some pads have built-in metronomes to improve your timing. Some even have MIDI functions that allow you to produce sounds and effects (Roland). Other pads have special systems that simulate a snare wire. The versatility of practice pads allows you to be creative while practicing and develop new ideas without needing to sit at the actual drum set.

Practice Pads - practical and mobile...

Practice pads are small, lightweight, and portable. You can take them to rehearsals, performances, or while traveling. They easily fit into your backpack or bag, so you can practice anytime and anywhere. With practice pads, you continuously improve your skills no matter where you are!

Here's a brief drum-tec overview of Practice Pads and Brands


The reputable brand for drum accessories also offers high-quality practice pads. They are known for their realistic feel and are available in various sizes and designs.


Primarily known for its high-quality cymbals, the manufacturer offers a range of comfortable and durable practice pads that stand out with realistic rebound.


The manufacturer specialized in electronic drum kits is also an all-rounder in the accessory field. drum-tec offers a wide range of practice pads, including electronic versions that produce various sounds, making practice more interesting.


RTOM is known for its innovative products in the drumming realm. The practice pads stand out with special surfaces that provide an authentic playing feel while reducing the sound level.


Another renowned practice pad manufacturer, known for the durability and versatility of its products. Prologix offers specialized pads for specific development of wrist control and foot technique.

Vic Firth:

A legendary name in the drumming world. The brand offers a wide range of drum accessories, including practice pads. Vic Firth pads are known for their durability and realistic feel.


The esteemed drum brand also offers high-quality practice pads. Available in various sizes and materials, they cater to the different needs of drummers. A recent innovation from the manufacturer is the Tama True Touch Kit!

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