ATV aD5 Modul und Cymbal Pack

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ATV aD5 Module and Cymbal Pack

  • Sound module with excellent Sound Library featuring dynamically playable high-quality multi-layer sounds
  • Cymbals with a fascinatingly natural playing feel and behavior, 360° playable and chokeable
  • Dynamic and highly detailed cup, bow, and edge triggering through three different playing zones
  • Quiet like few other E-Cymbals thanks to a very high-quality silicone surface

The ATV aD5 Module and Cymbal Pack offers a high-quality E-drum experience. Included are the ATV aD5 Sound Module with an excellent Sound Library and the ATV Cymbal Pad Set with 14" Hi-Hat, 14" Crash, and 18" Ride. The module provides unadulterated acoustic drum sounds and a minimal latency of 4 milliseconds. The Cymbals of the Artist Series offer a natural playing feel and authentic dynamic response. Ideal for demanding drummers who appreciate quality and flexibility.


  • First-class uncompressed acoustic drum kits in their purest form
  • Multipin connector with 10 labeled mono and stereo jack cables for 8 pads
  • 2 AUX inputs for additional trigger inputs
  • Best-Kit function for quick selection of your favorite sounds
  • Each cymbal can also be played as a 3-zone ride cymbal
  • E-Cymbals 360° playable and chokeable
  • Dynamic and highly detailed triggering
  • All cymbals with a robust silicone rubber coating

Package includes:

  • 1 x ATV aD5 Sound Module
  • 1 x ATV aD-H14 Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad
  • 1 x ATV aD-C18 Ride Cymbal Pad
  • 1 x ATV aD-C14 Crash Cymbal Pad

ATV aD5: E-Drum Module with Pure Acoustic Sound

The ATV aD5 E-Drum Module offers you unadulterated acoustic drum sound of the highest quality. It features an excellent Sound Library with dynamically playable multi-layer sounds for snare drums, bass drums, toms, and brilliant cymbal sounds sampled from Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. With a minimal latency of only 4 milliseconds, the aD5's trigger engine provides precise performance and is compatible with almost all trigger pads and E-drum kits. The aD5 includes five drum sets from the jazz, rock, and pop genres and allows easy integration into existing E-drum setups.

In addition, the ATV aD5 offers practical features such as an intuitive menu navigation, the Best-Kit function for quick sound selection, and the Crosstalk-Cancel-Wizard to prevent crosstalk. The sleek module design with brushed aluminum surface adds an aesthetic touch to the aD5. With a Multipin connector for 8 pads, 2 AUX inputs for additional trigger inputs, an SD card slot for loading sounds and backups, and connections such as 3.5mm mini-jack and USB-B, the aD5 offers maximum flexibility for drummers.

The ATV aD5 E-Drum Module is a top choice for drummers seeking high-quality acoustic drum sound and flexibility. Whether you want to expand your existing E-drum kit or create a custom setup, the aD5 delivers uncompromised, top-notch drumming experiences. With access to the ATV Sound Store, you can also explore a continuously growing selection of high-quality drum kits to expand your sonic palette. Make the aD5 the centerpiece of your drumming performance and experience drum sound in its purest form.

ATV Cymbal Pad Set 14" Hi-Hat, 14" Crash, 18" Ride

The ATV Artist Series of E-Cymbals redefines the top class of electronic cymbals. The size of the Hi-Hat, Crash, and Ride cymbals corresponds to acoustic cymbals, offering an extremely natural playing feel. These cymbals are fully 360° playable and allow for an impressively authentic dynamic response.

The tactile experience of striking and decay is very close to acoustic cymbals. The silicone rubber surface ensures authenticity, especially at the edge of the cymbals. A redesigned pivot point enables free swinging in all directions.

The 3-zone cymbals provide the module with dynamic and highly detailed signals for striking, bowing, and edging. For the Hi-Hat, a sensor accurately detects the distance between the bottom and top cymbal, allowing for fine nuances between "closed" and "open." Thanks to high-quality silicone surfaces, the ATV aDrums cymbals operate quietly.

The Artist Series offers a logically expandable family of cymbals, including splash, crash, ride, hi-hat, china, and FX cymbal pads in various sizes from 10" to 18".

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