Evans Snare Hybrid, white SB MHW

Evans Snare Hybrid, weiß SB MHW
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Evans Level 360 drumhead

In 1995, after already having made guitar strings his life, Jim D'Addario started his quest for the perfect drumhead!
They may look simple enough on the outside, but there are quite a few things involded in order to get a great sounding drumhead. Current drumheads are made from polyester film in aluminium hoops - sounds easy enough, right?
To actually produce such a high quality product D'Addario uses special computer controlled and heat stabilized cast iron molds. After many prototypes from aluminium molds of various shapes the current version was engineered. Rigorous testing followed and after 6 iterations the Evans Level 360 was finalized.

Technically a drumhead - technologically a revolution

The drumsound originates were the drumhead meets the bearing edge of the drum shell. Since conventional drumheads don't normally sit flat all around the bearing edge they have to be stressfully tightened with the counter hoop to finally get the desired tuning - what a pain!
The Evans Level 360 literally goes full-circle and sits neatly on the edge of the shell - without lifts or bumps. Its geometry even allows unusually low and high tunings, spanning a wider range of frequencies, and ensures that the Level 360 will fit vintage drums equally well as modern ones!

It is really easy for musicians to just put the drumhead on, tune it with ease and get going! And let's be real, drummer to drummer: We all want to skip lenghty and unnecessarily difficult tuning and start playing as soon as possible without a worry in the world, right? ;)

But hey, all that couldn't possibly be enough: D'Addario is constantly researching, now as much as ever, to try and make an even better Evans drum head yet!

  • the steeper collar ensures balanced contact with bearing edge of the drum shell
  • roll-over hoop for rigidity and solidity without loss of performance
  • balanced full-circle for easy tuning and great sounds
  • greater tonal range: wider range resulting in higher levels of responsiveness and resonance
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