Zildjian Gen16 BB 16" China Cymbal (G1616CA)


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Zildjian Gen16 BB 16" China Becken (G1616CA)

The new Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze Cymbals definitely gained sound and that even at decreased stroke-volume

Experience an entirely new Cymbal concept, arranging an absolutely authentic play-feeling for the first time:

  • As the Cymbal is made of bronze, there isn't any difference to acoustic Cymbals noticeable
  • Due to a Perforation of the surface, only about 20% volume of acoustic Cymbal are generated
  • Tied with an E-Drum, the Cymbals are also ideal for the use in rather small Clubs
  • With a DCP (Digital Cymbal Processor), a multitude of setting-options to adapt your sound-conception are made possible

(DCP Sound-controller not included)

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