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Yamaha XP120T E-Drum Pad: Large playing surface, 3 trigger zones and low intrinsic noise level

  • Comfortable playing surface - The 12" pad gives you plenty of space for your drumming
  • Play it as snare with rimshot and rimclick in 3-zone mode with your Yamaha module*
  • As a 2-zone pad it is also playable with modules by Roland, 2Box or Pearl
  • Unique surface - the pads surface made of Textured Cellular Sillicone offers you a comfortable playing experience
  • With virtual snare wires - adjustable like an acoustic snare*
  • Minimal impact noise - One of the quietest pads on the market thanks to the innovative surface

*In combination with a compatible Yamaha sound module

The Yamaha XP120T E-Drum Pad is suitable as Tom- or FX-Pad and especially as E-Snare in combination with a Yamaha E-Drum Module.

It impresses with its 3 trigger zones and a small knob that allows you to adjust the level of the snare wires - just like an acoustic snare drum. The rim zone is divided into an area for rim shots and an area for rim clicks.

The striking surface of the pad is made of a special material. The Textured Cellular Sillicone provides a very good feel with realistic rebound. A novelty of the silicone is its absolutely minimal structure-borne sound reproduction. Yamaha's TCS pads are among the quietest E-Drum pads on the market.

In 3-zone mode and with a suitable Yamaha module you play dynamic tom or snare strokes, rimshots and rim clicks with this pad. In 2-zone mode, the pad is compatible with many modules from other manufacturers such as Roland, 2Box or Pearl.

The advantage of an XP120T when compared to a Yamaha XP80, for example, is its comfy size.


  • With a Yamaha module very good as a snare, but also usable as a tom and FX pad
  • 3-zone triggering with center, rim click and rim shot
  • Snare wires adjustable by knob (with Yamaha module)
  • 2-zone triggering with modules of other manufacturers
  • TCS silicone surface with best rebound properties
  • Very low intrinsic noise
  • 12" diameter - plenty of playing surface
  • With mount for Yamaha tom holder

Scope of delivery of the Yamaha XP120T E-Drum Pad

  • Yamaha XP120T

Convenient snare or tom pad

The XP120T provides enough space for your strokes and rolls, beats and flames. It has the dimensions of a small acoustic snare or a common tom. With its rubberized tension ring divided into two zones, it offers you the possibility to play rim shots and rim clics like on an acoustic snare. It is of course also suitable for use as a tom or FX pad.

Adjustable snare wires

The pad has a knob on the side that, when used with an appropriately equipped Yamaha drum module, allows you to adjust the sound characteristics of a snare wire.

Very low intrinsic noise thanks to innovative silicone surface

The pads of the Yamaha XP series have a striking surface made of Textured Cellular Silicone. In addition to the best rebound, this special foam produces an absolutely low structure-borne sound. Therefore these pads are among the quietest currently available E-Drum pads on the market.

Perfect with Yamaha modules - compatible with others as well

The pad reveals the full range of its qualities in conjunction with the larger modules of Yamaha. The adjustable snare carpet, the 3-zone triggering with head, rim click and rim shot provide the greatest playing enjoyment with these modules. As a 2-zone pad, however, it is also compatible with modules of Roland, 2Box or Pearl.

Diameter in inch: 12
Acoustic Design: No
Trigger zones: Triple Zone

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Customer reviews
1 Nov 2016

Ein führendes Speilgefühl

Ich habe alles getestet was der Markt an elektronischen Pads so her gibt und ich finde, das Speilgefühl dieser Yamaha Silikon Pads kommt dem meines Natur Schlagzeuges am nächsten, allerdings echt traurig dass diese nicht an Roland Modulen anzuschliessen sind

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