Yamaha PCY135 E-Drum Cymbal Pad


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Yamaha PCY135 E-Drum Cymbal

A 13" Cymbal Pad for E-Drums.

  • It has three zones (Bell,Playing surface, Rim) - But these 3 zones can olny be triggered at a Yamaha module, as Yamaha has its own system with just one cable.
  • At other modules like e.g. Roland or Alesis, the Yamaha PCY135 can only be used as a 2-zone Crash Cymbal. However, that works very well! Then it is even chokable, which means, the sound can be stopped at the rim like with an acoustic Cymbal.
  • The construction is not as heavy as the larger Roland cymbals, but a good choice as a cheap alternative!

We deliver the latest Version, including Trigger Cable and Twist-protection.

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Customer reviews
23 Sep 2014

Läuft super am Roland Modul TD-9 und für diesen Preis war das eine gute Wahl - Daraufhin habe ich mir nun gleich einen ganzen Yamaha Satz zugelegt (100/135 und das grosse Ride)für einen Gesamtpreis eines einzigen Roland Cymbals. Nur riechen die Becken etwas chemisch am Anfang - kann man aber abwischen - deswegen 1 Punkt Abzug.

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