Yamaha FP9C Chain Drive Single Pedal

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Yamaha FP9C Single Pedal

  • Adjustable linear drive chain for individual playing feel
  • Spring tension conveniently adjustable from above
  • Beater with additional weights for more punch
  • Generously sized polished aluminum pedal for a variety of playing techniques

The Yamaha FP9C single pedal offers several features for drummers who want flexibility in hardware. For example, the machine's smooth roll-off characteristics and round, organic action can be easily and quickly changed in three different levels.

If the double chain drive is not enough, the machine can be converted to the belt drive which is included in the delivery. The angular positions of the footboard and beater can be adjusted independently of each other.

Other highlights include two different weights that - quickly mounted - give the beater the intended punch and rebound, as well as the spring tension that can be easily adjusted from above with just one hand.


  • Drive: Double chain - can be converted to belt drive
  • Power transmission: 3 adjustment options in the linear range
  • Round beater with optional weights
  • Pedal angle freely adjustable
  • Beater angle freely adjustable
  • Beater height adjustable
  • Sturdy base plate
  • With Bag
Drive: Double chain
Force transmission: Linear
Freely adjustable pedal angle: yes
Height adjustable beater: Yes
Beater angle freely adjustable: Yes
Incl. Floor Plate: Yes
Incl. Pedal Bag: Yes

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