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  • Top 40 Sound Edition Roland TD-30 [Download]

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    The drum-tec Sound Edition for Roland modules contain first-class sets which can be loaded additionally to the pre-loaded drumkits. It took quite a lot of time and effort and with great attention to detail we worked relentlessly to really get every bit of sound refinement out of the Roland modules.

    Our customers regularly ask us regarding sound manipulation and what their options are to really get the most out of their Roland module. We took this by heart and started aggregating our most loved kits and sounds and started compiling them to Sound Editions. From our experience of being drummers ourselves and incorporating the feedback from our customers we created our own sets for all the important Roland modules. While some sets are just for fun at home others are optimized for the stage.

    When installing the drum-tec Sound Edition for your Roland module you do not change or delete the pre-set kits provided by Roland. We rather use the option the create and save user kits to completely exploit the possibilities in sound design and design the best drumsets possible. We get a lot of positive feedback on our Sound Editions which is just incredibly fulfilling.

    Included are a list of the available kits as well as instructions on how to load the Sound Edition into your Roland module!

    Custom Kit List of the drum-tec Top 40 Sound Edition Roland TD-30:

    • 01 E/A Hybrid Kit
    • 02 Groovy Kit
    • 03 R'n'B Kit
    • 04 Latin Added Kit
    • 05 R'n'B Fonkey Kit
    • 06 Smooth Bossa Kit
    • 07 2-Way Jungle Kit
    • 08 Latin Drum Solo Kit
    • 09 Eurodance '89 Kit
    • 10 Dancefloor Kit
    • 11 2 Worlds E/A Kit
    • 12 English man in NY-1 Kit
    • 13 English man in NY-2 Kit
    • 14 Ain't nobody Kit (Pattern Play)
    • 15 I will survive Kit
    • 16 AW - Valerie Kit (Pattern Play)
    • 17 Summer 69 Kit
    • 18 RW - Angels Kit
    • 19 Sexy - MMW Kit
    • 20 In-the-Air 1 Kit (Pattern Play)
    • 21 In-the-Air 2 Kit
    • 22 Hold the line - Toto Kit
    • 23 Bruno M - UpFunk Kit
    • 24 HF - Atemlos Kit
    • 25 Spin Doctors - 2P Kit
    • 26 Bonham LedZ Kit
    • 27 Rosanna - Toto Kit
    • 28 AC/DC - Back in Black Kit
    • 29 Walking on Sunshine Kit
    • 30 80' Tanzmusik

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