Toontrack Stockholm SDX [Download]

Toontrack Stockholm SDX [Download]
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Toontrack Stockholm SDX [TT585SN]

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SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer

Five kits, straight from one of the top pop metropolises of the world - to your desktop!

Sweden is one of the largest music exporters in the world. How a country of some ten million people has managed to become a cogwheel in the international hit-making community is a slight mystery. However, fact remains that since the heydays of ABBA and through to today, Sweden - and particularly Stockholm - has produced songwriters, artists and hits across all genres imaginable in an almost assembly line-like fashion. Regardless the reason, with this collection of sounds we've set out to bring some of that mojo straight to your desktop.

This SDX for Superior Drummer 3 was recorded at Riksmixningsverket (RMV Studio). Housed in a 150-year-old naval warehouse and beautifully situated right on the water at the inlet of the river, this is one of the proper gems of the central Stockholm studio scene. With rustic ceiling beams breaking up the diffusion, reflective surfaces of several types of material and with a soft wooden floor that acts like a cushioning membrane in the studio's relatively large but still compact-sounding room, it's a space ideal for bringing out the inherent qualities of any acoustic instrument. All in all, five kits were recorded - each handpicked to complement the others and to serve its own role in what the team set out to capture: a unique palette of beautifully singing drums covering the entire spectrum of tones - from warm, earthy and genuinely sparse to bright, loud and vibrantly forceful.

In addition to the drums, a basic set of grooves performed by sampling drummer Josephine Forsman (known from the Swedish band Sahara Hotnights) as well as a broad selection of presets designed by session engineer Linn Fijal as well as by the Tooontrack sound design team are provided. This all combined will enable you to get started instantly with great-sounding drum beats and mixes that you can use as springboards to venture off into your own unchartered sonic spaces.

From one of the top pop metropolises of the world straight to your desktop, here's an SDX that decisively underlines that there is absolutely nothing stock about Stockholm. Welcome in to the studio. Have a seat at the console...and start mixing!

  • Five (5) kits, 12 snares, nine (9) kicks and three (3) sets of cymbals
  • Kit selections designed to cover anything from mellow to loud
  • Recorded at Riksmixningsverket (RMV Studio) in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Engineered by Linn Fijal, assisted by Vilma Colling
  • Sampled by Josephine Forsman
  • Comes with a broad collection of mix-ready presets for each kit
  • Includes a custom MIDI library of drum grooves and fills

System requirements

  • 42 GB of free hard disk space, plus an additional 42 GB
  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • A working Superior Drummer 3.3.6 (or above) installation
Type: SDX Sound Expansion

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