Tama TTBD6 True Touch Bass Drum (b-stock)

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TAMA TTBD6 True Touch Bass Pad (b-stock)

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TAMA's True Touch Solid Kick Bass Pad provides the utmost dynamic expression, articulation and accuracy in a bass drum practice pad. Designed to achieve accurate bass drum feel with a very low volume acoustic tone, the drum pad is constructed with multiple foam material layers that give a solid strike that has a slight "give." Air holes on the back side of the housing allow air to disperse at beater impact to deliver a solid, accurate strike. The unique tone response produces a dynamic, slightly open note, a tone much different than other bass drum practice pads on the market. Using a wide and extended two-legged stance, the bass pad feels anchored and solid. The pad can accommodate virtually any type/style of single bass drum pedal and most double pedal brands can be used with this pad. Pad height can be quickly adjusted to give position flexibility to match your preferred pedals.


  • 6" Diameter
  • Flush Frame
  • Two Position Height Adjustment
  • Pedal Anchor
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