Tama HPDS1TW Dyna-Sync double pedal *direct drive*

Tama HPDS1TW Dyna-Sync Doppelpedal

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Tama Dyna- Sync HPDS1TW Double pedal with direct drive

The TAMA Dyna- Sync HPDS1TW direct drive double foot pedal was the new hardware sensation at the Namm 2019, because with this foot machine the hoshino family introduced its first Direct Drive variant on the market. With the IRON and SPEED Cobra, TAMA adds another congenial bass drum pedal model to its already very successful product range.

If you play this Tama Dyna-Sync HPDS1TW double pedal you will notice that it is suitable for Rolling Glide as well as Power Glide users due to the specially designed Direct drive. The Dyna-Sync Bass Drum Pedal is remarkably easy to play and offers the drummer an enormous dynamic range. The new Dyna Beater provides an absolute all-round sound & punch and the longboard provides a very pleasant playing surface for drummers with heal-toe or slide technology.

*Our Tip: Absolutely recommendable for every drummer*.

  • Sync-Coil
  • Footboard Angle Adjustment
  • Dyna-Beater
  • Hinge- Guard Block
  • Para- Clamp II Pro
  • Speedo Ring
  • Swivel Spring Tight
  • Oiles Bearing

*incl. Hardcase

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