Tama HP900RWN Iron Cobra Double Pedal "Rolling Glide"


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Tama HP900RWN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Tama HP900RWN Iron Cobra Roling Glide Dual Pedal now comes with completely redesigned beaters. The pedal is perfectly suitable for drummer, who like to play very fluent and round figures with their feet. Compared to the TAMA HP900PWN, the response is slightly less direct and so the sound less forceful at the end. But the sequences of movements are much softer and more fluently, thanks to the new spring-suspension with more mobility. With its wider frame, the new ground plate also ensures even more stability.

Conclusion: "we recommend this TAMAHP900RWN double bass drum pedal for hard rocker and fusion drummers, and the TAMA HP900PWN pedal for the speed metal faction."


  • Double bass drum pedal
  • Chain driven
  • Beater with felt
  • Features: Rolling Glide

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