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Tama EAD10 Hybrid drum-tec edition

We equipped one of the Top Tama Club Gig Kits for you with the flexible hybrid e-drum module, the Yamaha EAD10, and built a universal hybrid drum kit. The EAD10 offers advantages for various purposes:

  • High quality recordings via the EAD sensor microphone
  • Versatile sound layering with externally addable samples
  • 6 mono triggers & kick drum triggers for triggered live use, or for quiet practice at home

You can now enjoy the Tama LJK48S Club Jam with Yamaha EAD10 for your practice session at home, or use it live with the triggers. You also have the option of replacing the mesh heads with acoustic heads (included) to play the set in "classic" style. The Tama LJK48S Club Jam is easy to transport and the compact design makes it a real eye-catcher!

Do you still have questions about the EAD10 module or would you like to modify the set offered here? Just contact us and tell us how your desired configuration looks like. You will receive an individual quote from us afterwards.

Content of the Tama EAD10 Hybrid drum-tec Edition

  • 1x Tama Club Jam LJK48S
  • 1x Yamaha EAD10 Drum Module
  • 3x Yamaha DT50S Snare/Tom Dual Trigger
  • 1x Arborea Bronze-8 Low Noise 13" Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 1x Arborea Bronze-8 Low Noise 16" Crash Cymbal
  • 1x Arborea Bronze-8 Low Noise 18" Ride Cymbal
  • 1x Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware Kit
  • 1x Tama HP50 Classic Pedal
  • 4x drum-tec pro Mesh Head (10", 13", 14", 18"BD)
  • 3x drum-tec RimNoise Eliminator Pro (10", 13", 14")
  • 1x drum-tec multi clamp #688
  • incl. cables
  • without drum throne

Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware Set & Tama HP Bass Drum Pedal

The Classic Series stands are compact and light enough to fit into a medium sized hardware bag. The Tama HP50 Bass Drum Pedal is a re-release of the CAMCO pedal and again features the classic vintage design that many drummers still appreciate and love today. The Tama HP50 pedal is based on the 6740 Hi Beat and King Geat models.

drum-tec pro Mesh Heads

This robust mesh head was specifically developed for (e-)drummers focusing on an authentic playing feel. Due to the special pro-fabric, the "tennis racketeEffect" - well-known from simpler Mesh Heads - is eliminated almost entirely.
Because of the thicker fabric, the pro mesh heads generate a higher noise level. Thus, they are perfectly suitable for situations in which volume development is not an issue or even preferred: Due to the sonorous characteristics it is also useful for practicing without a sound module.

Arborea Low Noise Cymbals

Another highlight of the TAMA EAD10 Hybrid drum-tec Edition are the Low Noise Cymbals from Arborea. These cymbals can not only be played authentically, but are also about 70-85% quieter than conventional drum cymbals. The large palette of Splashes, Crashes, Rides and Chinas also offers you many options for expanding your cymbal setup.

Yamaha EAD10 drum / trigger module

  • The EAD10 acoustic electronic drum module instantly transforms your acoustic drum kit into a powerful digital/electronic hybrid with sampled sounds and studio quality digital effects. It allows you to play and record your acoustic drums along with your favorite artists from your music library or from tracks from your friends and share them digitally.
  • With the free iOS app you can shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances.
  • The EAD10 enhances every aspect of your drumming - the way you practice, record and perform live and makes your acoustic drums do more.
  • Just attach the EAD10 sensor to your bass drum and you've created a complete hybrid system with a kick trigger and a stereo microphone.

Sound and Expandability: The EAD10 has 50 preset and 200 user Scenes that customize your drum sound and allow you to connect triggers and drum pads to augment your setup.

Practice: Pick a song from your music library and the app's tempo detection lets you add a click, change the tempo and select sections to repeat. It's drum practice made perfect.

Music Videos Made Easy: You can shoot, mix, edit, and upload your original music videos directly from the free iOS app.

Technical details of the Yamaha EAD10:

  • 757 Sounds
  • 50 Preset Scenes + 200 User Scenes
  • 32MB space for your own WAV Samples
  • 11 Reverb effects
  • Metronom
  • 3x 6,3 mm Stereo-Trigger Inputs for 6 Mono Trigger in
  • 6,3 mm Mono-Main Outs
  • 3,5 mm Stereo- Aux In
  • USB to Device and USB to Host
  • input for footswitch
  • with mounting plate
  • power device

New features with the free V2 update

  • The maximum recording time has been extended from 30 minutes to 90 minutes
  • Talkback function for a better speech connection without additional microphone
  • Clicktrack can now also be routed via the USB audio output
  • Compatibility with mesh head heads and low noise cymbals (not in combination with acoustic drums)

Yamaha DT50S Trigger Dual Zone Snare / Tom

  • Thanks to its dual piezo setup and samples accurately even when the hitting impact is smooth and quiet.
  • The DT50S doesn't just look good with its chrom design, it is also incredibly sturdy and made from durable materials
  • The trigger is easily mounted and connected using a conventional audio jack and will of course work great with the popular Yamaha DTX502, DTX700, DTX900M and DTXM12 sound modules!
Acoustic Design: yes
Finish: Charcoal Mist
Configuration: 1 up - 1 down
Module: EAD10

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