Tama Club Jam LJK48S Charcoal Mist Hybrid drum-tec practice edition


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Tama Club Jam Charcoal Mist - drum-tec hybrid practice edition set -

We have modified one of the Top Tama Club gig kits for you with our Aborea Low Noise Cymbals and the most suitable mesh head heads, the drum-tec pro mesh heads, and made it one of the best and quietest hybrid practice kits. Now you can use the Tama LJK48S Club Jam for your practice session at home or modify it for a club gig with the appropriate drum heads. The advantage is obvious: You have one drum kit for two applications and it is easy to transport and outweighs by its classic or traditional charm.

For the drummers among you who prefer a quiet sounding, acoustic drum alternative, this set would be a successful variant and if you want some more instruments of the Trigger set, we can offer you some A/E Hybrid Tools for this application under our category Trigger Systems.

Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware Set & Tama HP Bass Drum Pedal

Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware Set and the Tama HP50 Single Foot Machine. The stands of the Classic series are quite stable, compact and light enough to fit in a medium sized hardware bag. The Tama HP50 Bass Drum Pedal is a re-release of the CAMCO pedal machine and again serves the classic design that many of our drummers still appreciate and love today. The 6740 Hi Beat and the King Geat model have been taken as a model for the Tama HP50 foot machine.

drum-tec pro mesh heads

Our drum-tec Pro mesh heads are already in great demand all over the world and are mostly used to convert an acoustic drum set into a quiet practice drum set. Due to the coarse, but very thick mesh head fabric, a pleasant, authentic stick rebound is created and the kettles still have a light tone (depending on the tuning of the skins).

Arborea Low Noise Cymbals

Another small highlight in the TAMA Hybrid drum-tec practice edition set are the low noise cymbals from Arborea. This price-performance cymbal can not only be played authentically, but is also quite quiet and sounds better than the low noise cymbals of the competition. The larger selection of additional cymbals such as Splashes, China's Crashes Ride Crashes and Ride Cymbals is also more fun.


  • Tama Club Jam Shell kit LJK48S
  • Arborea Low Noise Cymbal 368
  • Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware
  • Tama HP50 Classic Pedal
  • drum-tec pro mesh heads 10",18",13", 14"
  • drum-tec RimNoise Eliminatoren 10", 13", 14"
Acoustic Design: yes
Configuration: 1 up - 1 down

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