NUX E-Drum Sets
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Nux DM-210 E-Drum Set
Nux DM-210 E-Drum Set
  • Dual zone pads with sensitive triggers
  • Differentiated working cymbals
  • Sound module with 15 drum sets, recording and playback capability
  • Sturdy rack - quick to assemble and easy to transport
  • Including hi-hat-controler and kick pedal

Delivery time 1-2 days

Nux DM-7X E-Drum Set (B-Ware)
Nux DM-7X E-Drum Set (b-stock)
  • Dual pads with sensitive triggers and double layer Remo Mesh Heads
  • Differentiated working 12" and 14" cymbals with large and soft surface
  • Compact and intuitive sound module with graphical display, useful practice functions and effects
  • Robust and solid rack with round design - easy to assemble and easy to transport
  • Hi-Hat pedal and foot machine included


Delivery time 1-2 days

Nux DM-7Xe E-Drum Set
Nux DM-7Xe E-Drum Set
  • 08" and 10" dual-pads with original Remo double layer Mesh Heads
  • 12" and 14" cymbals with large and soft surface
  • Sound modul with 30 preset and 18 programmable drum sets
  • Complete set with rack and pedal machines
  • Aditional 10" tom pad

Delivery time 1-2 days


NUX E-Drum Sets

Here you will find everything about the current NUX E-Drums.

With the DM-7X and the DM-210 NUX offers two first-class low price e-drums. The NUX DM-7X is a fully equipped, ready-to-play E-Drum with mesh heads. The large mesh head pads and the large e-cymbals of the e-drum convince with their dynamic response and offer you plenty of room for your performance. The e-drum pads are equipped with a dual trigger system. They faithfully reproduce your attack and provide the drum module with precise input.

The sound module of the NUX DM-7X realistically reproduces your drumming in 30 different top drum sounds and you can even create 18 additional custom drum sounds for your beats. The DM-7X module has a graphical display. It provides you with useful practice functions and effects.

All pads and the module are placed on a robust rack with rounded shapes. The round rack bars are absolutely stable. The set is easy to assemble and easy to transport.

The entire equipment of the NUX DM-7X E-Drums is amazingly comprehensive for its price range. Everything is included to get started and play the drums right away.

With the NUX DM-210 you get a perfect start into mesh head e-drums at a remarkably low price. The NUX DM-210 with its mesh heads offers you a real advantage compared to the usual rubber pads in this price range. The NUX DM-210 gives you a very realistic feel with the mesh heads. You can tension the heads individually and get exactly the rebound you need for your game.

The 8” dual pads, 10”; cymbal pads, electric kick drum, and entire rack are conveniently designed to be compact, making it easy to transport and play, rehearse, record, or jam anywhere you like. The NUX DM-210's dual pads and cymbal pads realistically reproduce what you're playing. The two triggers in each e-drum pad as well as the different zones on the cymbals provide very differentiated signals to the drum module.

The e-drum sound module of the NUX DM-210 comes with 15 accurately sampled drum sets for every music style and with first-class sound. A clear display and the intuitive menu navigation of the module via its big control buttons convince right away. The single instruments in each set can be individualized in pitch. The built-in reverb lets you simulate the room sound for each set as you like.

The NUX DM-210 is also very suitable as an absolute beginner e-drum set. It offers a number of custom demo songs that you can practice with or without a metronome. You can also plug in your mobile or tablet with your favorite songs and drum to that.