Roland / ATV drum-tec Edition EXS-Full Sized with Roland TD-17 module


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  • drum-tec alternative:
  • Roland / ATV drum-tec Edition EXS-Full Sized Set with Roland TD-17

    • perfect Basic Setup in large real mesh pad dimensions
    • including Roland TD-17 sound module

    Our present for you: Exclusive Custom-Kits & Samples!

    What is the drum-tec Live Sound Edition?
    With every new TD-17 module we give away our Live Sound Edition and the Snare Sample Add-on Package - free of charge.
    This includes 11 first-class custom kits that we programmed specifically for the stage. We truly leveraged everything the TD-17 has to offer to get the best kits possible! We even added 9 mega rich acoustic snare samples that we produced directly for the Live Sound Edition.

    Exclusive: Only for drum-tec customers!
    The Live Sound Edition is not sold separately! It is an exclusive gift to our drum-tec customers. This Sound Edition is the product of dedicated work and professional experience, that we as a specialist like to share with our customers.
    You will receive the Live Sound Edition on a SD card that we automatically add to your order at no further cost.

    Content of the ATV EXS- full size e-drum-set without module

    • Roland TD-17 sound module
    • Roland trigger multicore cable
    • ATV 13" Snare Drum Mesh Pad
    • ATV 13" Bass Drum Mesh Kick
    • ATV 10" Tom Mesh Pad x2
    • ATV 13" Tom Mesh Pad x1
    • ATV 14" Real optical HiHat Pad (Bottom and Top)
    • ATV 14" Crash Cymbal x2
    • ATV 16" Ride Cymbal
    • ATV E-Drum Rack System

    * Kick drum pedal , Hi Hat pedal and drum throne are not included.


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