Roland VAD503 TD-50 drum-tec Edition incl. Live Sound Edition


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Roland VAD503 TD-50 drum-tec Edition - The Ultimate V-Drums Acoustic Design Experience

++ Streamlined kit with full-size wooden shells ++

When you need the glamour and presence of a full acoustic drum set on stage—but with the convenience and control of electronic drums—the VAD503 is the perfect solution. This premium ‘one-up, one-down’ kit features wooden shells with full depth and diameter, exquisitely finished and mounted on double-braced chrome stands for a look that will have the audience convinced you’re playing acoustic drums. Roland’s advanced digital sensor technology and dynamic TD-27 drum module provide the sound and response to match, making sure every stroke, ghost note, roll, and swell is fully expressed in incredible detail.

  • Four-piece V-Drums Acoustic Design kit with full-size wood shells and double-braced chrome stands
  • TD-50 sound module with advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • 14” PD-140DS digital snare and 18” CY-18DR digital ride cymbal with high-resolution, multi-sensor triggering for unparalleled dynamics and accurate positional detection
  • 10” PDA100-MS rack tom, 14” PDA140F-MS floor tom, and 20” KD-200-MS kick with custom chrome hardware and Midnight Sparkle wraps
  • Additional cymbal pads include 12” VH-10 V-Hi-Hat and 14” CY-14C-T crash
  • Hands-on interface for quick-and-easy selecting and personalizing drum sounds
  • Import your own WAV samples via an SD card

Content of the Roland VAD503 TD-50 drum-tec Edition

  • Roland TD-50 sound module
  • SD-Card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition & Real Snare Sample Package
  • Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal
    • incl. trigger cable
  • Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare Drum
    • inkl. trigger cable
  • 1x Roland PDA-100-MS Tom
  • 1x Roland PDA-140F-MS Floor Tom
  • 1x Roland KD-200-MS Bass Drum
  • 1x Roland VH-13 Hi-Hat
  • 1x Roland CY-14C-T Crash Cymbal
  • 1x Roland DBS-10 Cymbal Boom Stand
  • 1x Roland DCS-10 Combination Cymbal/Tom Stand
  • 1x drum-tec TFL-400 module stand
  • 1x drum-tec MPC-1 module holding plate
  • 1x drum-tec MC-13CH multicore trigger cable

Bass Drum Pedal, Snare Stand, Hi-Hat Stand and Drum Throne are not included.

An Immersive Acoustic Drumming Experience

With the impressive looks, familiar layout, and inspiring playability of a high-end acoustic kit, the VAD503 makes any drummer feel instantly at home. There’s a 14” stainless steel snare, plus 10” rack tom, a 14” floor tom, and a 20” kick constructed with full-depth wood shells, adding to the authenticity and providing genuine acoustic feel under the stick and beater. A full complement of cymbals includes a 12” V-Hi-Hat, 14” crash (with thin profile and textured finish), and an 18” ride for superior playability and natural appearance on stage.

14” Digital Snare and 18” Digital Ride Cymbal

Roland’s cutting-edge digital pad technology brings even deeper realism to the V-Drums experience. The digital snare and ride pads connect to the TD-50 module via USB cables, working together with the sound engine to deliver the most natural expression, allowing your drumming skills to be heard in incredible detail. Multiple sensors and lightning-fast processing provide amazing response, enabling you to play genuine techniques in the most natural way. Ghost notes, rim shots, and cross stick playing on the snare are precisely detected and translated, while the ride offers wide tonal range and the ability to subtly mute with just a touch of the bow or bell.

The Natural Feel of Acoustic Drums

Roland’s legendary multi-ply, tension-adjustable mesh heads contribute significantly to the authentic playing feel, giving you stick rebound that’s customizable for your individual playing style. And when you bury the beater into the specially designed kick drum, you physically move air inside the shell, creating air pressure and resistance that feels remarkably like playing an acoustic kick.

Double-Braced Chrome Drum Stands

The way acoustic drums and cymbals are mounted not only projects a classic image—it also influences the playing feel. The tom pads mount on the same stands used for acoustic toms—so they feel just right when they’re hit. Newly developed thin V-Cymbals also attach to the stands with a special pivot mount, for a natural acoustic-style ‘swing’ when played. And every stand is double-braced for rock-solid stability, and easily adjusted to suit your preferred layout.

Roland TD-50 sound module: An ultra-expressive drum sound module for pro performance and studio sessions

As an experienced drummer you know that only with excellent sound can you really relax and play better. The Roland TD-50 sound module leaves nothing to be desired - whether you want to use it live, in the studio or at home to practice. At the heart of the TD-50 is the new Prismatic Sound Modeling technology that takes you to the limits of expressive possibilities. You can take advantage of these new features with digital pads like the PD-140DS Digital Snare and CY-18DR Digital Ride. With detailed editing functions and flexible connection capabilities, the TD-50 is ready for any occasion. To get you started right away, you get the groundbreaking drum-tec TD-50 Live Sound Edition with Real Snare Sample Package exclusively from us! We are convinced: The TD-50 sets a new standard with its refined playing culture and expressive possibilities!

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