Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack with drum-tec Sound Edition


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Roland TD-50DP Upgrade Pack incl. drum-tec Sound Edition

The TD-50DP digital upgrade pack for your existing setup - easily integrate the new Roland Digital technology into your existing e-drum set!
All necessary components to switch to the new generation of Roland's digital pads in one package: the new TD-50 flagship module, which comes in above the TD-30 to establish a new generation of V-Drum modules to introduce a number of groundbreaking innovations:

  • a new era of electronic drum pads, the -Roland Digital Pads- with the new Multi Element Sensor System
  • a new league of acoustic drum sounds thanks to the new Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • create a whole new world of Roland drum sounds with the new V-Edit sound layering possibilities
  • the new sound routing made possible by integrating the new 10 channel USB audio-in combined with the conventional routing options allows the TD-50 to become the recording, stage and jam session headquarters!

Components of the TD-50DP digital upgrade pack:

  • 1x TD-50 sound module
  • 1x PD-140DS digital snare pad
  • 1x CY18DR digital ride cymbal

We ship the TD-50 with the newest software update installed and all new and updated Roland kits!

What's actually the big deal with the Roland TD-50 innovations?

The new Roland Digital Pad Generation: The first new digital pad is the PD-140DS, a 14" stand-alone digital snare pad in a heavy-duty casing. This pad fits all conventional snare stands and is outfitted with a new triple-ply mesh head which is only available in 14". What makes it stand out is its "floating" middle layer, giving it an incredibly realistic playing feel (it will really get you moving!).
Located at the bottom of the PD-140DS is a button to connect (and update!) the snare with and by the internet and also register it to the module upon first-time use. In addition to the conventional trigger setup consisting of piezoelectric cushion and rim sensors, the new Roland V-Drum Digital Pads feature electrostatic elements on the playing surface and shell to get an even more accurate signal. In total the signal is being sampled by two piezoelectric triggers and six sensors which make the playing surface sensitive to touch. Sound can now be stopped by the touch of a hand, the snare registers X-Stick (cross stick) movements from touching the drum head, etc.

The new 18" digital ride cymbal Roland CY-18DR makes full-surface position sensing possible, the bell is separated and profits from the high weight and in turn inertia and has amazingly sensitive playing characteristics. Thanks to its new sensor technology the 18" digital ride cymbal can handle techniques featuring touch, damping and stopping realistically and provide an authentic cymbal feel. There is no doubt: This is the most astonishing e-cymbal yet!

All the new Roland Digital Pads are connected to the TD-50 sound module via USB.

The sound and advanced V-Edit system of the Roland TD-50 module:

The internal drum sound storage capacity of the TD-50 is three times as big as the capacity of its little brother, the TD-30. Meanwhile, the sound library of over a thousand drum samples in the TD-30 was reduced to 400 much more refined sounds in the TD-50, already indicating the vastly improved technical detail and added playing dynamics.
To enter into this new world of sound 70% of all instrument samples have been newly recorded in the hottest high-end studios in the UK, the USA and Australia on flagship drums from Gretsch, Sonor, Tama, Pearl, DW and even some exotics. Each sample was recorded in hundreds of layers (dynamics from quiet to loud and positions from rim to middle). Most of the cymbals were also recorded anew in all nuances from a great range of Paiste cymbals.
The side of the Roland TD-50 features a card reader that supports SD and SD-HC (up to 32GB) cards which can be used to add even more samples to the TD-50. What is excitingly special is that the drummer is able to layer those samples with the on-board samples! These sound options can be dynamically combined by a vast variety of splitting and layering points to be further refined in the signal processor (V-Drum Edit) and post-processed as one sound with effects, compression, EQ and more. Those editing options create a new realm of drum and effects combinations. Additional user modes benefit from 64MB internal storage.
The redesigned V-Drum Edit provides the TD-50 drummer with newly developed sound modulations. Amongst other things it features extended editing options for transient states and peak levels of drum sounds and editing options for changing the thickness of the cymbal material for a more saturated sound. By way of doing this you can for example manipulate an 18" cymbal sound from paper-thin to thick and juicy.

The audio and trigger connectors of the Roland TD-50 sound module:

A noticeable addition to the TD-50 are the three USB connectors on the rear of the module for the use with the new Digital Pad generation. Those specific ports are for the use with Digital Pads only which have to be used in an either/or fashion: When you connect for example a PD-140DS snare pad to the digital trigger-in the conventional trigger-in for the snare turns off. All three digital-ins can be mapped any which way, so you could add three snare pads or three cymbals, or a mix just as you wish.
Once you assign a snare pad the module automatically registers the X-Stick (cross stick) behavior for this input. Since you can assign any TD-50 sound to a digital trigger-in the use of digital pads does not even diminish the range of sounds but rather opens up further capabilities of the triggering engine.
Another remarkable feature are the enhanced dynamical steps of the digital trigger-ins: The sensitivity exceeds the conventional 127 MIDI steps and introduces 32 additional steps for a finer recognition of gradual changes and peak levels.

Yet another heavyweight feature of the Roland flagship module is the USB port, which may receive up to 10 separate signals from the module and can insert 4 additional signals. The digital signal output supports sample rates of 22 / 44 / 48 and even 96 Hz and also provides MIDI transmission.
The TD-50 offers 8 analog direct outputs which can be sent directly to the mixing console without the need of a DI unit thanks to symmetrical signals. Additionally, there are two(!) pair of master outputs - one symmetrical and one asymmetrical.
The front of the module features two headphones jacks, each providing a higher output volume than the TD-30 module. Also included is the usual MIDI Trio and an input for external audio.

Additional TD-50 features:

The "hot-spot" was greatly reduced thanks to the new signal-processing even with analog pads. Both the display and the button LED can now change color. Since the outer dimensions of the TD-50 match those of the TD-30 it will also fit the drum-tec flight-case. To further simplify the editing options and optimally leverage all its features Roland is planning on releasing additional editing software.

Technical Features of the Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module:

  • drum kits 100
  • instruments: more than 400
  • display: graphic LCD 256 x 80 dots + trigger activity indicator (LED)
  • faders: 8 faders - kick, snare, toms, hi-hat, crash, ride, AUX, ambience
  • external memory: SD card (SDHC supported)
  • sampling rate (original): 44.1 kHz
  • sampling rate (with sampling rate converter): 96 kHz, 48 kHz
  • record: 10 channels
  • playback: 4 channels
  • power supply AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V, power consumption: 30 W
  • Accessories: quick start, power cord

Effect Types of the Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module:

  • pad compressor: each pad
  • pad equalizer: each pad
  • room type: 25 types
  • reverb type: 5 types
  • stereo enhancer
  • multi-effects: 3 systems, 30 types
  • master compressor
  • master equalizer

User Sample Import of the Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module:

  • number of user sample: maximum 500 (includes factory preloaded user samples)
  • sound length (total): 24 minutes in mono, 12 minutes in stereo
  • file formats that can be loaded: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits)
  • song player (SD card) - audio file: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits), MP3

Recorder of the Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module:

  • recording method: realtime
  • maximum note storage: approx. 40,000 notes
  • export file format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bits), SMF

Connectors of the Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module:

  • trigger in jack x 14: 1/4-inch TRS phone type (exclusion use with digital pad)
  • digital trigger in port x 3: USB A-type
  • master out (unbalanced) jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
  • master out (balanced) jacks (L, R): XLR type, balanced
  • direct out (balanced) jack x 8: 1/4-inch TRS phone type, balanced
  • phones jack x 2: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type, stereo miniature phone type
  • mix in jack x 2: stereo 1/4-inch phone type, stereo miniature phone type
  • midi (in, out/thru) connectors
  • USB computer port: USB B-type (usb hi-speed audio/MIDI)
  • foot SW jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • AC IN jack
  • USB audio record/playback channels

Size and Weight of the Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module:

  • width: 330 mm
  • depth: 255 mm
  • height: 118 mm
  • weight: 3,3 kg

Reviews 7
Customer reviews
10 May 2018


Un jeu exceptionnel, une facilité d’exécution.c'est un changement complet par rapport a la td 20

5 Apr 2018


Roland ist für mich unbestritten das Beste was derzeit am Markt ist!
Bei der Digitalen Snare hört man wirklich die feinen Nuancen beim Wirbel.Auch das CY18DR ist Spitze!!
Ich bin begeistert, endlich mal ein E-Drum wo man wirklich arbeiten muss,wie beim Akkustischen.

27 Dec 2017

First class service

I ordered many things from Drum-tec over Christmas and the service has been excellent. The TD50 module arrived quickly and everything was well packaged and delivered as promised. I would have no hesitation in recommending for over seas shipments, a fantastic service from a fantastic company.

27 Sep 2017


its very help my live music concert

30 Apr 2017

Sinnvolle Erweiterung

Ich habe das Upgradepack zu Erweiterung eines TD-30 Kits gekauft. Die neuen Standardsounds sind meiner Meinung nach größtenteils unspielbar, jedoch kann dieses Problem durch etwas Feintuning leicht behoben werden, da die Tuningoptionen hervorragend sind. Nach ein paar Tagen spielen und einstellen bin ich mit dem Sound des TD-50 sehr zufrieden (besonders die Drum-Tec Sounds sind eine Bereicherung).
Die signifikanteren Änderungen sind offensichtlich die neue Hardwareteile. Die Snare ist ein Riesenschritt in die richtige Richtung. Anfangs noch etwas enttäuscht, merkte ich schnell wieviel mehr Potential die neue Snare hat. Man muss sich allerdings etwas Zeit zum Eingewöhnen nehmen, da sich das Spielgefühl von den 12" Pads stark unterscheidet. Es erlaubt dann deutlich differenziertes und auch weniger anstrengendes (dank des neuen Meshheads) Spielen über Stunden.
Das Ride ist ebenfalls ein Fortschritt, wenn auch aus meiner Sicht nicht ganz so groß wie bei der Snare. Sicherlich das beste E-Cymbal derzeit, vor allem die Bewegungen des Beckens sind im Vergleich zu anderen E-Cymbals hervorzuheben. Die Bespielbarkeit ist sehr gut (vor Allem im Bereich um die Glocke sind deutliche Verbesserungen zum Vorgängermodell auszumachen). Am Ende des Tages ist es trotzdem mehr E-Cymbal als Cymbal, einen Unterschied, der bei der Snare nicht mehr so eindeutig ist.
Abwicklung durch DrumTec gewohnt einwandfrei.

26 Mar 2017


Als bisheriger Besitzer eines TD-20X Moduls hatte ich mich schon vor einiger Zeit mit dem Gedanken getragen, auf das TD-30 Modul upzugraden, mich aber dann dagegen entschieden, da die Neuerungen für mich als "Hobbyschlagzeuger" zu wenig überzeugend waren.
Das TD-50 ist da schon eine ganz andere "Nummer", zum (auch nicht schlechten) TD-20X ein unglaublicher Fortschritt! Die Weiterentwicklung bei Sounds und Dynamik ist absolut überzeugend! Auch die neuen Digitalpads sind eine echte Weiterentwicklung, schon von der Größe (Ride) und dem dreilagigen Meshhead bei der Snare her. Meine Drum-Tec Pro Kessel müssen jetzt dringend mit den dreilagigen "Real Feel"-Meshheads nachgerüstet werden!
Keine Investition, die man mal "so neben her" tätigt - Roland lässt sich seine Produkte seit je her stattlich bezahlen. Aber im Vergleich zu der Entwicklung der letzten Jahre ist das ein Upgrade, das sein Geld wirklich wert ist.
Beratung, Kaufabwicklung und Versand wie immer bei Drum-Tec 1A!

14 Feb 2017

krasses Ding!

Ein echter Hammer und ein Riesenschritt nach vorne bei den E-Drums. Das TD-30 hatte mich nicht gereizt, von meinem TD-20 upzudaten. Das TD-50 ist es aber wert, alleine schon wegen der Snare. Auch die Sound Library von Drum Tec ist eine super Ergänzung und noch mal einen Tacken besser als die Werksounds.

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