Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack (upgraded) b-stock


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The TD-50 expansion pack for your kit incl. TD-50X Upgrade (b-stock): With the TD-50DP you can integrate Roland's new digital generation into your drum set!

Shipping return, function tested, accessories complete (may differ from original), may have traces of use.

  • Your easy access to Roland's Digital Series: With this upgrade pack you get the Roland TD-50 sound module including the pre-installed TD-50X upgrade, the Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare and the Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride
  • Benefit from outstanding sounds: The flagship among the V-Drums sound modules offers you expressive instruments and outstanding sound quality thanks to Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • Discover a new generation of electronic drum pads: Three digital trigger inputs give you access to the world of Digital Pads
  • Just record your drumming easier: The USB 10-channel audio output allows you to record multitrack with just one USB cabl
  • Your own sounds: via SD card the Roland TD-50 gives you the possibility to trigger your own WAV samples easily

Roland TD-50 upgraded: The TD-50X upgrade is already pre-installed for you!

The TD-50X Upgrade brings the complete expressive power of Roland's most advanced drum module to the original TD-50. Filled with new instrument sounds, preset kits, and feature enhancements -- including fully optimized performance with the VH-14D digital hi-hat -- this upgrade is a must-have for all TD-50 module owners.

Content of the Roland TD-50DP Upgrade Pack

  • Roland TD-50 sound module
  • TD-50X Upgrade Licence + pre-installed software
  • Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal
    • incl. manual
    • incl. trigger cable
    • incl. wing nut, felt washer & stopper
  • Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare Drum
    • inkl. manual
    • inkl. trigger cable
    • inkl. drum key

Roland TD-50 sound module incl. TD-50X Upgrade: The powerhouse module behind the best electronic drums

The TD-50 (upgraded) is Roland's most advanced V-Drums module ever, featuring over 900 premium sounds and full support for our groundbreaking digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads. Prismatic Sound Modeling brings you the most acoustic-like experience available in electronic drumming, offering incredible depth, dimension, and detail with authentic sound and natural response. Three inputs are provided for digital pads, along with a wide array of analog trigger inputs for our entire range of traditional pads. Deep editing tools make it easy to craft your personal sound, while extensive pro connectivity lets you tackle everything from multitrack computer recording to full-scale arena shows.

Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare: 14" Snare for almost all playing styles and techniques

The new Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare combines traditional snares with the latest technology for triggering. Thanks to a 14" shell size and the three-layer mesh head, it feels instantly familiar. A completely new multi-sensor system detects the hit position much more precisely than previous Roland pads and accurately applies even the most subtle dynamic nuances. You can play rimshots and cross sticks with absolutely authentic sound and feeling because the pad recognizes your hand position and reacts immediately. With the PD-140DS pad's unparalleled expressiveness, every nuance of the snare is natural, detailed and filled with flair. Due to the required connections and processing power, the PD-140DS can only be used in combination with the Roland TD-27 and TD-50(X) modules.

Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride: 18" Cymbal with advanced multi-sensor triggering

The large Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride is designed for all drummers who want to add character to their sound. Thanks to its 18" diameter and natural vibration (like an acoustic cymbal), this newly developed digital cymbal feels immediately familiar. The high-resolution multi-sensor trigger technology reproduces every nuance at every position, from the rim to the bell. This information is sent latency-free to the TD-50 module via a digital trigger connection.

The CY-18DR gives you unprecedented dynamics and supports playing techniques from legato to soft bell strokes. In addition, the sound can be muted or stopped by touching the playing surface, like an acoustic ride cymbal. Due to the required connections and processing power, the PD-140DS can only be used in combination with the Roland TD-27 and TD-50(X) modules.

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