Roland TD-50 V-Drums Sound Module incl. drum-tec Live Sound Edition


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V-Drums Redefined: An ultra-expressive drum sound module for pro performance and studio sessions

  • Benefit from outstanding sounds: The flagship among the V-Drums sound modules offers you expressive instruments and outstanding sound quality thanks to Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • Discover a new generation of electronic drum pads: Three digital trigger inputs give you access to the world of Digital Pads, such as the Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare or the Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride
  • Just record your drumming easier: The USB 10-channel audio output allows you to record multitrack with just one USB cable
  • You can start playing right away: of course you are free to make all the settings yourself, but with the Live Sound Edition we deliver 10 great custom kits so you can directly focus on playing - exclusively for drum-tec customers!
  • Your own sounds: via SD card the Roland TD-50 gives you the possibility to trigger your own WAV samples easily

As an experienced drummer you know that only with excellent sound can you really relax and play better. The Roland TD-50 sound module leaves nothing to be desired - whether you want to use it live, in the studio or at home to practice. At the heart of the TD-50 is the new Prismatic Sound Modeling technology that takes you to the limits of expressive possibilities. You can take advantage of these new features with digital pads like the PD-140DS Digital Snare and CY-18DR Digital Ride. With detailed editing functions and flexible connection capabilities, the TD-50 is ready for any occasion. To get you started right away, you get the groundbreaking drum-tec TD-50 Live Sound Edition with Real Snare Sample Package exclusively from us! We are convinced: The TD-50 sets a new standard with its refined playing culture and expressive possibilities!

Content of the Roland TD-50 sound module

  • Roland TD-50 sound module
  • SD-Card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition & Real Snare Sample Package

The sound and advanced V-Edit system of the Roland TD-50 module

The internal drum sound memory of the TD-50 module is three times the size of it's damller brother, the TD-30, while the sound library has been upgraded from over a thousand drum samples to 400 exquisite drum sounds. This shows that the TD-50's new acoustic drum sounds are technically capable of even more depth and the finest dynamic levels.

To enter this new world of sound 70% of all instrument samples have been newly recorded in the hottest high-end studios in the UK, the USA and Australia on flagship drums from Gretsch, Sonor, Tama, Pearl, DW and even some exotics. Each sample was recorded in hundreds of layers (dynamics from quiet to loud and positions from rim to middle). Most of the cymbals were also recorded anew in all nuances from a great range of Paiste cymbals.

The side of the Roland TD-50 features a card reader that supports SD and SD-HC (up to 32GB) cards which can be used to add even more samples to the TD-50. What is excitingly special is that the drummer is able to layer those samples with the on-board samples! These sound options can be dynamically combined by a vast variety of splitting and layering points to be further refined in the signal processor (V-Drum Edit) and post-processed as one sound with effects, compression, EQ and more. Those editing options create a new realm of drum and effects combinations. Additional user modes benefit from 64MB internal storage.

The redesigned V-Drum Edit provides the TD-50 drummer with newly developed sound modulations. Amongst other things it features extended editing options for transient states and peak levels of drum sounds and editing options for changing the thickness of the cymbal material for a more saturated sound. By way of doing this you can for example manipulate an 18" cymbal sound from paper-thin to thick and juicy.

The audio and trigger connectors of the Roland TD-50 sound module

A noticeable addition to the TD-50 are the three USB connectors on the rear of the module for the use with the new Digital Pad generation. Those specific ports are for the use with Digital Pads only which have to be used in an either/or fashion: When you connect for example a PD-140DS snare pad to the digital trigger-in the conventional trigger-in for the snare turns off. All three digital-ins can be mapped any which way, so you could add three snare pads or three cymbals, or a mix just as you wish.

Once you assign a snare pad the module automatically registers the X-Stick (cross stick) behavior for this input. Since you can assign any TD-50 sound to a digital trigger-in the use of digital pads does not even diminish the range of sounds but rather opens up further capabilities of the triggering engine.

Another remarkable feature are the enhanced dynamical steps of the digital trigger-ins: The sensitivity exceeds the conventional 127 MIDI steps and introduces 32 additional steps for a finer recognition of gradual changes and peak levels.

Yet another heavyweight feature of the Roland flagship module is the USB port, which may receive up to 10 separate signals from the module and can insert 4 additional signals. The digital signal output supports sample rates of 22 / 44 / 48 and even 96 Hz and also provides MIDI transmission.
The TD-50 offers 8 analog direct outputs which can be sent directly to the mixing console without the need of a DI unit thanks to symmetrical signals. Additionally, there are two(!) pair of master outputs - one symmetrical and one asymmetrical.

The front of the module features two headphones jacks, each providing a higher output volume than the TD-30 module. Also included is the usual MIDI Trio and an input for external audio.

Additional TD-50 features

The hot-spot was greatly reduced thanks to the new signal-processing even with analog pads. Both the display and the button LED can now change color. Since the outer dimensions of the TD-50 match those of the TD-30 it will also fit the drum-tec flight-case. To further simplify the editing options and optimally leverage all its features Roland is planning on releasing additional editing software.

Technical Features Roland TD-50 Drum Sound Module:

  • drum kits 100
  • instruments: More than 400
  • display: graphic LCD 256 x 80 dots + trigger activity indicator (LED)
  • faders: 8 faders - kick, snare, toms, hi-hat, crash, ride, AUX, ambience
  • external memory: SD card (SDHC supported)
  • sampling rate (original): 44.1 kHz
  • sampling rate (with sampling rate converter): 96 kHz, 48 kHz
  • record: 10 channels
  • playback: 4 channels
  • power supply AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V, power consumption: 30 W
  • Accessories: quick start, power cord

Effect Types

  • pad compressor: each pad
  • pad equalizer: each pad
  • room type: 25 types
  • reverb type: 5 types
  • stereo enhancer
  • multi-effects: 3 systems, 30 types
  • master compressor
  • master equalizer

User Sample Import:

  • number of user sample: maximum 500 (includes factory preloaded user samples)
  • sound length (total): 24 minutes in mono, 12 minutes in stereo
  • file formats that can be loaded: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits)
  • song player (SD card) - audio file: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits), MP3


  • recording method: realtime
  • maximum note storage: approx. 40,000 notes
  • export file format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bits), SMF


  • trigger in jack x 14: 1/4-inch TRS phone type (exclusion use with digital pad)
  • digital trigger in port x 3: USB A-type
  • master out (unbalanced) jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
  • master out (balanced) jacks (L, R): XLR type, balanced
  • direct out (balanced) jack x 8: 1/4-inch TRS phone type, balanced
  • phones jack x 2: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type, stereo miniature phone type
  • mix in jack x 2: stereo 1/4-inch phone type, stereo miniature phone type
  • midi (in, out/thru) connectors
  • USB computer port: USB B-type (usb hi-speed audio/MIDI)
  • foot SW jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • AC IN jack
  • USB audio record/playback channels

Size and Weight:

  • width: 330 mm
  • depth: 255 mm
  • height: 118 mm
  • weight: 3,3 kg
Samples: User Samples
Bluetooth: Nein
Digital Inputs: 3
Direct Outs: 8
Trigger Inputs: 14

Reviews 3
Customer reviews
7 Jun 2020

Affengailes Teil.?

Für den Live und Studioeinsatz einfach nur genial. Wenn man die Sounds etwas bearbeitet, hämmer das Ding richtig durch.

5 Dec 2017

Sehr gutes Teil!

Die Werkseinstellungen sind sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig. Wenn man ein bisschen an den EQ Einstellungen etc. schraubt kommt man zu sehr guten Ergebnissen. Insg. erfüllt das TD-50 fast alle Wünsche. Einzig, dass man das Click nicht mit Fusstaster oder Pad starten/stoppen ist ärgerlich.

3 Jul 2017

Das neue Modul ist genial, Doch ein hoch auf die Drum-Tec Soundedition!!! Sehr geniale Files, absolut empfelenswert!!

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