Roland TD-30 Sound Module Case Bundle with drum-tec Sound Edition


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Roland TD-30 - The top-class V-Drums sound module with Flight Case Including the drum-tec... more
Product information

Roland TD-30 - The top-class V-Drums sound module with Flight Case

Including the drum-tec Live Sound Edition for the Roland TD-30 sound module. More than 30 additional drum-kits, specifically designed and programmed for live performances. Exclusively at drum-tec!

Roland TD-30 with flight case offer:

  • Securely transport your TD-30 sound module
  • Suitable for your TD-30 module, incl. mounted mounting plate
  • Space for manual and power cord

The new TD-30 module case is a must for musicians, who often have to transport their sound module. This case offers perfect protection for the Roland TD-30 sound module. Due to the inner shape, your module can be placed into this case, even when the mounting plate is assembled. Further you will find place for the manual and the power cord.

The drum-tec comparison Roland TD-30 module vs. Roland TD-25:

  • the perfect module for drummers with professional ambitions or just for sound-lovers who don t like to make any compromises!
  • perfectly tuned for recording & live- performances
  • the flagship Roland TD-30 provides the most authentic sounds in Roland history and additionally incredible editing possibilities
  • the drummer gets a huge assortment of professional "SuperNATURAL" sounds with unprecedented attention to detail
  • the indispensable TD-30 "fader section" for quick volume correction even in live-use situations
  • in live-use, 8 single-outputs!! provide enormous advantages for the overall mix (the tone-engineer receives the instruments as single-signals for separate signal-processing)
  • effects can be adjusted individually per Pad (e.g. for a small reverb effects on the snare drum combined with a grand reverb on the kick and on the rim of the floor tom, and so on...)
  • x-hat feature: which means to set a permanently closed hi-hat on a certain pad
  • in-ear system- the monitoring mix can be routed into the mix-in input.
  • metronome & click for the live or studio drummer - can be routed optionally just into your own headphones

High-End has a name: Roland TD-30 drum sound module. With SuperNATURAL sounds and Behaviour Modeling. It provides a superior sound quality with natural response and dynamic in all playing technics. Rim shots, rolling, flams and ghost-notes on the snare up to powerful crash hits and cymbal swells, each nuance is differentiated and relocated without transition. Ensuring spatial depth, a special ambience-fader makes the direct setting of space- and overhead microphon simulation possible.

The Technical Facts of the  Roland TD-30 sound module:

  • drum Kits: 100
  • instruments: drum-instruments = 1100; backing-instruments = 262
  • drum kit chains: 16 (32 steps per chain)
  • percussion-sets: 8
  • USB song player: WAV, MP3
  • display: grafic LCD 80 x 256 pixel, 7 segments, 3 signs (LED), TRIGGER-level (LED)
  • fader: 8 (kick, snare, toms, hi-hat, crash, ride, AUX, ambience)
  • power usage: 18W
  • accessories: CD-ROM (play-along audio songs/USB-driver)


  • pad-compressor (all Pads)
  • pad-equalizer (all Pads)
  • ambience-section : (overhead mic-simulator, room-types (25), reverb), multi-effects: 21 types,
  • master-compressor, master-equalizer, reverb (for backing-part), chorus (for backing-part)


  • user-patterns: 100
  • preset-patterns: 100
  • parts: 6
  • play-types: oneshot, loop, tap
  • record-methodes: realtime
  • max. ca. 40,000 notes


  • TRIGGER IN x 15
  • MASTER OUT (L/MONO, R): jack
  • DIRECT OUT x 8 (jack)
  • DIGITAL OUT (coaxial, 44.1 kHz/24-bit)
  • PHONES (stereo-jack)
  • MIX IN (stereo-jack)
  • FOOT SW (jack)

Optional Accessoires:

  • pads (PD-series, PDX-series)
  • cymbals (CY-Serie)
  • kicks (KD-Serie)
  • hi-hats (VH-series, FD-series)
  • acoustic drum triggers (RT-series)
  • footswitches (BOSS FS-5U, FS-6)
  • personal drum monitore (PM-30, PM-10)
  • USB-Stick

Sizes and Weight:

  • length: 330 mm
  • deep: 258 mm
  • high: 106 mm
  • weight: 3.2 Kg


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