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    Product information

    Roland TD-25K - the new V-Drum Tour Set with Silence Pack

    Only at drum-tec with the Real Sound Edition for the ROland TD-25 sound module.

    In comparison with their acoustic models, E-Drums are agreeable silent, as the sound is generated electrically by a sound module. Still, the remaining impact noises, being heard through Floors and Walls are often found a nuisance by other Persons in the neighborhood or tenants. We took care of this topic and developed an effective Package, which sets about solving this problematic: The drum-tec "Silence Pack". Noise- absorbing components dampen the transmission of impact noises through Floors and Walls and reduces the noise to a minimum.

    The drum-tec Silence Pack for the TD-15KV comprises:

    • Sound Absorbing-Beater => Our newly developed and patent pending beater reduces the noise considerably. Due to the use and combination of special dampening materials in the beaters head, the Volume level is greatly reduced and additionally, the play feeling is improved as well.
    • Sound Absorbing-PedalMat  => This just here at drum-tec available newly developed special Underlay reduces the noise of the Bass Drum Pedal considerably
    • Sound Absorbing - RackFeet => We replace the normal Rack-Feet-Stoppers by our newly developed and patent pending special Stoppers! Due to the combination and construction of the used dampening materials, the Stoppers reduce the transmitted noise of the Drum Rack considerably!
    • => The neighbour will be very pleased!

    Those aren't satisfied with what the TD-11KV Set can provide, while don't requiring the many extending Features of the Roland TD-30K, KSE and 30KV get here with the TD-25K Set a ver well-reasoned, inexpensive Alternative, reduced to the Essence. With the TD-25 Series, the Manufacturer Roland usefully unites two Worlds! The succession-set of the TD-15KV in the upper middle-class is convincing because of very authentic sounds, which have been borrowed from the Flagship TD-30.

    • Direct and fast Access to not many but excellent Drum Sets
    • Intuitive Intervene in all important Functions of the Set and of the Sounds
    • Clearness ++ Everything is there and nothing to much ++ That's the Essence of E-Drumming!

    The drum-tec comparison Roland TD-25K Set vs. Roland TD-15KV:

    • The TD-25K V-Drum Set is the cheapest, but still perfect Set for "Drum Purists"
    • The TD-25K Set provides not many, but just awesome authentically sounding Drum Sounds of the Roland TD-30 Sound Engine. Basing on this onBoard-Sounds of the 25-Modules, the drum-tec Real Sound Edition additionally supplies the TD-25 User with an astonishing extensive Set-Library with optimised acoustic Drum Sounds, serving our european Drum Sound-Taste very perfectly.
    • Due to a very easy Conception, the TD-25 module is very easy to operate. It can do without many Gadgeds or Sensationalism.
    • On the other hand, the Module just offers an restricted Effect-Section and no Possibility of inidividuel setting of various Effect-Parts on certain Instruments.
    • In the same way, the setting of Percussion- or Effect Sounds on Rims is impossible... further Demarcation and important Differeneces between the TD-15 and the Td-25 module can be found at the detailed description of the corresponding module.
    • The Roland TD-25K Set has smaller Pads compared to the TD-15KV Set
    • However, due to a real HiHat, the Roland VH-11, which is to be mounted at a real HiHat Stand (not including) , and which is already "moving" mechanically, BOTH Sets have an "acoustic"- Feeling. 

    The drum-tec Comparison Roland TD-25KV vs. Roland TD-25K:

    • The second CY-12C Crash Cymbal including the corresponding Rack-Extension, make the TD-25KV to a very adult Drum
    • The Roland TD-25KV is also very suitable for Band-use in practising-rooms and even at Live-Concerts on Stage.
    • Due to the larger Snare/ Tom Pad, the TD-25KV drum-tec Edition provides a more agreeable Playing-Comfort.
    • The Snare Drum and the Floor Tom Pad, both Roland PDX-100, provide an authentic Rebound, as the larger Drumskin decays much more naturally in Comparison with a smaller, even more tight drumskin.

    Dynamic, Expressive Playability and Quick Customization  - With the TD-25K, serious drummers can tap into high-end V-Drums playability in a mid-level kit for home and studio. Equipped with a sound engine derived from the flagship TD-30, the TD-25K delivers all the acclaimed expressiveness that makes Roland’s top-line V-Drums the undisputed choice of pro players everywhere. A streamlined interface makes it easy to create personalized kits, while the built-in audio recording function lets you capture drum performances for evaluation and sharing. Other premium features include mesh-head pads for a natural feel, positional snare sensing for enhanced expression, and the VH-11 V-Hi-Hat for playing with authentic hi-hat techniques.

    Unrivaled Sound and Expressiveness: The TD-25K delivers a superior drumming experience, thanks to Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology with Behavior Modeling inherited from the flagship TD-30. The sound engine responds naturally and organically to your playing in every way, providing the dynamic, interactive feel that’s essential for reaching the highest levels of musical expression. From rim shots, rolls, flams, and ghost notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbal swells, every nuance is detailed, accurate, and ultra-smooth. < Detail >

    High-End Feel and Playability: When you sit down at the TD-25K, you’ll enjoy expressive playability that rivals high-end V-Drums sets. There’s a full compliment of mesh-head pads for the legendary V-Drums feel, with positional sensing on the snare pad that provides subtle, organic tonal changes depending on where the pad is struck. The cymbals have a natural swinging motion and support chokes, bow/edge sounds on the crash, and bow/edge/bell sounds on the ride. Mounting on a standard hi-hat stand, the VH-11 V-Hi-Hat features open/closed motion and bow/edge sounds for executing traditional playing techniques to perfection. Last but not least is the KD-9 Kick Pad, which offers a natural-feel cloth head and rock-solid response.

    Call Up Kits and Start Playing Immediately: With its no-nonsense interface, the TD-25K’s sound module lets you enjoy playing great sounds for any music right away. Easy to grab while holding sticks, the large center dial allows you to quickly select kits based on music styles such as standard, rock, jazz, electronic, and others. After you’ve selected a style, press the dial to toggle between different kit variations. Next step? Start playing!

    Customize Kits for Your Personal Style: The TD-25K makes it simple to edit sounds to suit your playing touch or a specific style of music. Just hit a pad to call up the sound assigned to it, and then use the module’s knobs to select instruments and tweak tuning, muffling, and levels. Handy shortcuts greatly speed up tom editing, allowing you to assign sounds and change the muffling and tuning for all the toms at once. Your changes are saved automatically as you edit, eliminating the need to fuss with extra steps. If you don’t like your most recent tweaks, you can easily undo them and return to where the kit was at when you first selected it.

    Play Along with Tracks and Record Audio Performances: Want a little jamming music to play along with? Just load up a USB memory stick with favorite WAV/MP3 songs and get lost in playing for hours. In addition to normal playback, you can loop sections you’d like to work on, or slow the playback speed to more easily learn fast fills and articulations. Alternately, you can plug a smartphone into the audio input and drum with songs from your music library or the web. It’s also possible to record your drumming performances (along with music playback) as audio files to a USB memory stick, offering a great way to evaluate your playing and share your drumming with friends and music producers. The sound module is equipped with a USB host port as well, providing a convenient connection for recording audio and MIDI data directly into DAW software.

    Components of the Roland TD-25K:

    • 1 x TD-25 Sound Modul
    • 1 x PDX-100
    • 1 x PDX-8
    • 2 x PDX-6
    • 1 x KD-9
    • 1 x VH-11 HiHat
    • 1 x CY-12C
    • 1 x CY-13R
    • 1 x MDS-STD

    Technical Features of the Roland TD-25KV:

    • Extending SuperNATURAL Sound-Generation based on the Flagship modelTD-30
    • Sound-quality and Expressiveness equal to the top V-Drum Sets
    • Simple and logical Editioning to change Drum- and Cymbal Sounds
    • The PDX-100 10" Mesh-head Snare Pad supports Position Sensing and Rim/Cross Stick-Playing Technic.
    • Three Mesh-Head Tom Pads: Two PDX-6 6,5" Pads as Rack Toms and one PDX-8 8" Pads as Floor Tom.
    • The VH-11 V-HiHat can be mounted at a common Acoustic-HiHat Rack, and provides a realistic Playback, as well as a natural Play-Feeling
    • Two CY-12C 12" Crash Cymbals with natural Vibration Behaviour, Rim/ Play-Areas Sensors and Choke-Control; CY-13" Ride Cymbal with natural Vibration Behaviour and Cymbal Bell/Play-Areas/Rim Triggering.
    • The KD-9 Kick Pad with Mesh Head- Playing Surface provides an natural Play-Feeling as well as absolute Reliability.
    • Play WAV/ MP3 Songs and Record of the Drum-Performances as audio track ona USB Stick.
    • Practising-Function to practise the Playing-Technic.
    • Quick Access to the Metronom, with seperate Display, ON/OFF Button and Speed- Control dial
    • USB-MIDI/AUDIO for a direct Connection to a Computer

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    27 May 2015

    Thanks - good absorbing solution!

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