Roland PDX-12 (b-stock)

Roland PDX-12 (B-Ware)
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Roland PDX-8 Dual-Zone E-Drum Pad (b-stock): Practical size, very quiet and multi-compatible

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  • Comfortable playing surface: The 12" pad offers you plenty of room for your drumming. It ist an excellent snare pad.
  • Very stable rubberized hoop for rim shots like playing an acoustic snare
  • Separate head and rim triggering for the reproduction of your performance
  • Very quiet inherent noise thanks to open bottom design
  • Very dynamic response of the trigger system
  • Real head feel: The two-layer Roland Mesh Head resonates like a conventional drumhead and gives you an optimal feel at a compact diameter
  • Thanks to its technology simplicity, it is multicompatible with almost all drum modules.
  • Compact size: The diameter of the 8" Mesh Head and the enclosing 10" rim makes the pad universally applicable in your existing set
  • Comfortable extension of your existing set:The pad can be used as a snare drum, but also as a tom or FX pad.

The Roland PDX-12 E-Drum Pad is universally suitable as a Tom or FX pad and especially as an E-Snare. The advantage over a PDX-8, for example, lies in its larger surface area and the very stable edge construction. With this pad you play dynamic rimshots ud differentiated figures on the generously sized mesh head.
Thanks to its downward-open design, the pad generates only minimal inherent noise, making it one of the quietest pads available.
It can be installed very well as a larger diameter e-drum pad in an existing e-drum or acoustic drum kit.
The pad is compatible with all Roland sound modules and thanks to its simple technical design it is universally playable with many modules by other manufacturers.


  • Very usable as snare, but also universally applicable as tom and FX pad
  • Dual Zone Trigger Technology
  • One of the quietest pads available
  • 2-ply original Roland Mesh Head
  • Sturdy rubberized hoop for rim shots like on an acoustic snare
  • 12" diameter
  • L-Rod mount for Tama style tom holder
  • Compatible with all modules by Roland and almost all other E-Drum modules

Scope of delivery of the Roland PDX-8 E-Drum Pad

  • Roland PDX-12 Pad
  • Instruction manual
  • Tuning key

Comfortable snare pad

The PDX-12 provides you with enough space for your strokes and rolls, beats and flames. It has the dimensions of a small acoustic snare and with its rubberized tension ring at the right height it gives you the possibility to play it like an acoustic snare. Of course, the PDX-12 is also suitable for use as a large tom pad.

Separate detection of head and rim stroke

The pad has a perimeter trigger system that sends your strokes on the rim and head to your module. There, the information is processed. Your module generates the sounds from the corresponding samples.

Very low inherent noise

The Roland PDX-8 has an open structure underneath the 8" mesh head. There is no sound body in which the impact noise of your playing can build up. This simple solution makes the PDX-8 one of the quietest E-Drum Pads available.

Universally Compatible

Due to its design, the small pad is compatible with almost all E-Drum modules of all manufacturers on the market. So in most cases you don't have to buy new pads when you change the module.

Real head feel:

The two-layer Roland Mesh Head consists of a special fabric with a mixture that generates rebounds like a conventional drum head. The hoop with its 6 screws allows you to tension the Mesh Head exactly the way you need it for your perfect rebound. This is how you achieve the ideal playing feel for you.

Comfortable extension of your existing set or your entry into the world of E-Drum Pads

The pad can be used very well as a snare, but also as a tom or FX pad and can be integrated into your existing e-drum, acoustic or hybrid set.

Diameter in inch: 12
Acoustic Design: No
Trigger zones: Dual Zone
Finish: Black
Series: V-Drums

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