Roland Multicore cable for TD-07,9,11,15,17,25

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Wiring harness for Roland TD-07/9/11/15/17/25

  • compatibel with the following modules: TD-07/9/11/15/17/25
  • connectors for Snare, Hi-Hat and Hi-Hat-Control
  • 2x Tom Toms, 1x Floor Tom, 1x Bassdrum, 1x Crash cymbal and 1x Ride cymbal
  • original Roland spare part C5400133R0

  1. HiHat cable: 110cm
  2. HiHat control cable: 200cm
  3. Kick cable: 200cm
  4. Snare cable: 128cm
  5. Tom 1 cable: 110cm
  6. Tom 2 cable: 148cm
  7. Tom 3 cable: 200cm
  8. Crash cable: 138cm
  9. Ride cable: 198cm
  10. Ride Edge cable: 200cm



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26 May 2023

cable harness difference

Is this different than the standard cable harness that came with my TD 17 module. I play a hybrid set up and I would love the 1/4 inch cables to extend farther than they do.

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