Roland MDS-25 drum rack (used)

Roland MDS-25 Racksystem (gebraucht)

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Roland MDS-25 V-Drum Rack System (used) Very stable and professional Drum Stand System for the... more
Product information

Roland MDS-25 V-Drum Rack System (used)

Very stable and professional Drum Stand System for the use on stage.

The Tom Holders are suitable for any E-Drum Pad with T-style rosette (so any Roland Pad, but also drum-tec diabolo and many more)

This chromed Drum Rack does not only look excellent, but it also provides a new, very stable construction. With the newly constructed mountings, the Pads and Cymbals can be aligned and fastened very reliably. The Cables are installed in the Tubes, clearly termed, and protected by a Rubber-bordering.

Most important Features of the Roland MDS-25 Drum Rack:

  • Chromed Drum Stand - very heavy, robust and every detail of very best quality
  • New, extraordinary robust construction
  • Precise alignment of the Cymbals and Pads, due to a newly construated Roland Mounting

Extend of Delivery of a MDS-25 Drum Rack for Electronic Drums:

  • Drum Rack
  • 5x Rack Clamp
  • 4x Pad Arm
  • 3x Cymbal Arm
  • Mounting Plate
  • Tuning Key
  • Cable Fixer
  • Connection Cable (installed in pipes)

Size and Weight of the MDS-25:

  • Tube Diameter   Stand: 38,1 mm
  • Pad / Cymbal Holder: 22,2 mm
  • Width: 1400 mm
  • Depth: 950 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Weight: 20,5 kg (Weight incl. Pad Holder and Cymbal Holder)

  1. HiHat cable: 115cm
  2. HiHat Control cable: 118cm
  3. Kick cable: 230cm
  4. Snare cable: 225cm
  5. Tom 1 cable: 190cm
  6. Tom 2 cable: 280cm
  7. Tom 3 cable:300cm
  8. Crash 1 cable: 260cm
  9. Crash 2 cable: 363cm
  10. Ride cable: 340cm
  11. Ride Edge cable: 340cm
  12. AX 1 cable: 140cm
  13. AX 2 cable: 140cm
  14. AX 3 cable: 235cm
  15. AX 4 cable: 235cm

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