Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Trigger Controller

Roland FD-9 V-Drums Hi-Hat-Controller
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Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Trigger Controller

Innovative Hi-Hat Pedal For Ultra-Quiet Night Practice At Home on Electronic Drums

Playing drums at home can be a headache. Traditional acoustic shells are impractical for late-night practice, while many electronic kits are disruptive (even with headphones), due to the sound of the pedals in operation. Roland's new FD-9 hi-hat controller pedal is the smart way to drive down decibels. Designed for ultra-quiet home practice, the unit's patent-pending link mechanism means dramatic noise reduction when the pedal is depressed. Expressive players will also appreciate this compact pedal's authentic hi-hat feel, with smooth transitions between open/closed/half-open positions. With the Roland FD-9, you can play as hard as you like, as late as you want

Features of the Roland FD-9

  • Low-noise operation for late-night practice (50% less noise in your practice space and 15% less to rooms below, compared to standard hi-hat pedal)
  • Link mechanism allows ultra-quiet operation and authentic hi-hat control
  • Compact design, easy setup and small footprint for home practice
  • Use alongside other noise-reducing Roland products, including NE-10 Noise Eater Isolation Boards and NE-1 Isolation Feet, for quietest-ever performance
  • Compatible with all standard Roland E-Drum sound modules from the oldest to the latest models. Also compatible with many other electric drums like Alesis, Fame, Millenium, etc.
  • Very stable and non-slip

Practice Whenever You Like With Ultra-Quiet Link Mechanism: Even when you're drumming with headphones, the sound made each time you depress a standard hi-hat pedal is sure to disturb anyone near your practice space. The FD-9 is the solution, with a newly developed link mechanism* that gives a marked reduction in operational noise (50%** less in your practice space and 15%** less to rooms below, compared with a standard FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller). For drummers who really need to keep it down, the FD-9 works even better alongside the low-noise mesh heads featured on Roland V-Drums, ultra-quiet KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal, plus our NE-10 Noise Eater Isolation Boards and NE-1 Isolation Feet.

Compact All-In-One Design That Fits Into Your Setup: The FD-9 is designed to make home practice as easy as possible. As well as being our quietest hi-hat pedal yet, the compact and lightweight unit is compatible with any V-Drums sound modules featuring ¼-inch trigger inputs. It's the ideal addition to your electronic kit - and your ticket to professional performance in a practice scenario.

Allows Advanced Techniques and Supports Your Drumming Style: Whether you're practicing at home or playing out, it's important to have a hi-hat pedal that picks up all the subtleties of your drumming style. The FD-9 is a great choice for expressive players. The unit's feet ensure total stability, letting you work the pedal as hard or soft as you like (with the sound module picking up every nuance). The toe-stopper is a familiar touch carried over from acoustic pedals, while the FD-9's smooth open/closed/half-open operation delivers authentic hi-hat feel. You can even pull off aggressive moves like hi-hat splashes - without disturbing the neighbors.

Create the Ultimate Percussion Setup with Connectivity to Roland Gear: As your percussion setup evolves, you need a hi-hat pedal that can keep up. Designed for open-ended flexibility, the FD-9 is compatible with Roland's full range of electronic percussion gear, from the OCTAPAD SPD-30 to the HandSonic HPD-20. It's the compact, ultra-quiet hi-hat pedal that does it all.

Size and Weight:

  • Width: 139 mm (5-1/2 inches)
  • Depth: 365 mm (14-3/8 inches)
  • Height: 158 mm (6-1/4 inches)
  • Weight: 2.0 kg (4 lbs 7 oz)
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Customer reviews
30 Nov 2021

FD-9 Controller is amazing

I ordered the FD-9 from drum-tec and it is simply amazing and a huge step up from the previous hi-hat controller I had, the FD-8. The build-quality is top notch, it is extremely quiet and doesn't make this squeaky sound whenever you press it (unlike its predecessor). Also you can get a solid heelsplash out of the FD9. One thing MUST be noted though, because it caused so much frustration at first that I was considering sending it back: You have to have to change the springtension or as I did, completely remove the right spring otherwise it will be next to impossible to produce a closed hi-hat sound. With the original double springs, if you do not press down extremely hard, it will produce an open or half-open sound which is nothing less than infuriating. Since I removed the right spring, it works perfectly. So now I give it a 10/10, before the removal of the spring, I was considering sending it back.

drum-tec Team 30 Nov 2021

Hey 999,

thanks for the feedback and for the spring tension hack!


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