Roland CY-14C V-Drums Crash Cymbal

Roland CY-14C V-Drums Crash Cymbal

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Roland CY-14C Electronic Crash Cymbal

  • The big Roland V-Drum Crash Cymbal CY-14C provides with its Size of 14" a very authentic swinging behaviour.
  • It is as heavy as a real metal cymbal and very stable and has a special Rubber-edges construction, absorbing the edge-stroke very silently but still in an authentic way.

It is a two-zone Cymbal with seperate area- and rim sounds. Besides, it is chokable. That means, the sound can be stopped at the rim like with an acoustic Cymbal. The E-Cymbal Roland CY-14C is compatible with any Roland module. It is delivered with a CYM-10 twisting protection and a Stereo Trigger Cable.

  • Size: 14"
  • Trigger: 2 (Bow/Edge)
  • Connector: BOW/EDGE Output Jack


  • Owner's Manual
  • Wing Nut
  • Felt Washer
  • Stopper
  • Connection Cable
  • Cable Tie

Size and Weight:

  • Width: 352 mm (13-7/8 inches)
  • Depth: 352 mm (U3-7/8 inches)
  • Height: 48 mm (U1-15/16 inches)
  • Weight: 1.4 kg (3 lbs. 2 oz.)

Reviews 4
Customer reviews
10 Oct 2018

sehr gutes Crash-Becken

sehr gutes Crash-Becken, gutes Schwingverhalten, Chokefunktion funktioniert bestens und es ist relativ leise. Bin sehr zufrieden. Preisleistungsverhältnis ist gut.

13 Feb 2018

Great triggering results and fun to play

I am playing the drums for about 15 years, first acoustic and since 8 years electric. Mostly in the (alternative) rock genre. Recently I converted my acoustic kit to electronic, using my Roland TD9 kit and mesh heads (from drum-tec) and internal triggers (from another brand) for my snare, toms and base drum (Ludwig Accent kit). I already upgraded my hi-hat to Roland VH11 a year ago.

I was looking for two matching e-cymbal crashes. Preferably big ones that swing, because it just feels more natural and really increases the fun factor (which is equally or even more important than better technical features, in my opinion!). But I also was looking for a crash with excellent triggering results, since I am getting more and more into home recording.

I did quite some online research and finally desided to go for the Roland CY-14C. It is not the best looking or biggest e-cymbal on the market, but Roland's good reputation and their patents for triggering techniques convinced me. And of course my own positive experience with my TD9 kit and VH11.

It was plug and play. Trigger results are great. There is no 3rd zone for the bell, but I think I actually never even used that on my acoustic drums. I did also buy the CY-15R ride cymbal (that has 3 zones: edge, bow, bell) at drum-tec. I have the two CY-14C's for about two months now. I recommend the product, especially if you're going to use it for playing at home and home recording.

It was the first time I shopped at drum-tec. I like the helpful neutral videos (keep it up!). The delivery to the Netherlands was really quick (as promised).

26 Nov 2017

Immer wieder super Service - turboschnelle Lieferung

Hier stimmt immer wieder alles, top Preise, Ware immer Spitze (wie diese hier) und ein unwahrscheinlich guter Service, .. mein "Stammladen" !

31 Oct 2010

DAS Crash-Becken schlechthin ist das CY-14 C, Masse und Durchmesser stimmen.

Die Optik ist eher nicht "so schön" - die Dinger sind halt einfach schwer und dick.

Ich setze 4 CY-14 C seit Jahren ein, insbesonder mit dem TDW-20 ist das Spielgefühl & die Spielmöglichkeiten doch recht angenehme.

Über den Preis -insbesondere in der neuen, silberfarbenen Version- reden wir lieber nicht.

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