PWorkout Practice Pad


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PWorkout Practice Pad

Innovative practice pad with stand, drum guide and sticks. The pad consists of two differently hard playing surfaces, which are fragmentary. The black outer surface resembles the playing surface of a high tension snare and the red inner surface consists of a NEOPREN surface, which is more like playing on a normal drum head. Regarding the game characteristics, we of the drum-tec team can only say:"Great". "We have seldom experienced that you can have so much fun with the daily DRUM-WORKOUT". With the optimal pad sticks you achieve the optimum exercise efficiency for hands & routines.

The practice pad has an 8 mm thread on the back for optimal fixation on a conventional cymbal or pad stand. The PWorkout practice pad has a comfortable 12" playing surface, which allows the drummer to easily stow away in hand luggage or a backpack and is equipped with a dampened back, so that this pad can easily be put on a snare.

  • PWorkout 12" Practice Pad
  • Pad Stand black
  • 5A sticks
  • drum Guide

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