Pearl Trigger Multicore cable 10channel

Pearl Trigger Multicore Kabel 10fach

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Pearl CH-10 Stereo Trigger Multicore Cable 10ch

  • universal trigger cable harness with 10 stereo trigger cables
  • black
  • every cable features clearly visible marks at each end
  • one end with a straight stereo jack (for the modul inlet)
  • the other end with angled stereo jack ( for pad/cymbal - trigger out)
  • the total length of the multicore cable suits for a medium to a large e-drums setup
  • the length of the single cables are optimized for e-drum use

  1. HiHat cable: 184cm
  2. HiHat control cable: 240cm
  3. Kick cable: 265cm
  4. Snare cable: 195cm
  5. Tom 1 cable: 271cm
  6. Tom 2 cable: 325cm
  7. Tom 3 cable: 340cm
  8. Crash cable: 282cm
  9. Ride cable: 361cm
  10. Ride bell cable: 363

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7 Nov 2019

Excellent Company!

Drum-tec is the best musical company and the best company I have ever ordered products from! They have superior customer service! They respond quickly to E-mail, have extremely fast shipping, are very knowledgeable in the E-drum business, and have excellent prices! I will always use Drum-tec for my future E-Drum needs!

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