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Pearl Mimic Pro High End E-Drum Module SSD 120GB E-Drummers waited for years for a solution... more
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Pearl Mimic Pro High End E-Drum Module SSD 120GB

E-Drummers waited for years for a solution like the Mimic Pro. Pearl and Steven Slate finally made a module that combines stand-alone module technology with a high-end sample library.
They managed to merge a vast and professional drum library with the durability and usability of a well built e-drum module.

VST guru Steven Slate said about the Mimic Pro, in the development of which he played a key role: "The Mimic Pro is a giant leap forward in drum module technology. It is a state-of-the-art touchscreen computer filled with the most detailed drum kits recorded in some of the best studios in the world. But you will not know its true power until you play it!"

When we had the first Mimic Pro at our disposal in July of 2017 - flown in from the USA - and could test it for a week, we were immediately hooked: Steven Slate is right, this is a game changer! So we learned all about it and prepared for a video shoot. We absolutely love the ease with which the Mimic can be handled combined with the heavy duty casing. But most importantly: It is an absolute joy to play and sounds gorgeous! Need a little more to be convinced? Just watch our videos of Ralf Schumacher playing the Pearl Mimic Pro at drum-tec West and you'll see how great the Mimic responds to his inputs and how amazing it sounds: He has fun and is engaged!

What's the innovation with the Pearl Mimic Pro?

The yet to be reached realism of the Steven Slate Drums 5 library can completely unfold its full potential with the Mimic Pro. 60 world class drum-kits have been recorded with great attention to detail in a nuanced setup to get the most accurate and refined sounds yet. The result (in 24bit depth!) is something that previously was literally unheard of in the world of e-drums - the realism is stunning!
The 7" color touchscreen makes the clunky knobs from older modules obsolete and allows the drummer to navigate the powerful options of the Mimic Pro intuitively.
The onboard Burr Brown converter - one of the most respected names in the scene - manages to make every nuance of your playing come alive.
16 stereo trigger inputs in combination with a professional trigger engine and the highest sensitivity allow the e-drummer to connect almost every e-drum pad or cymbal, be it Roland, drum-tec, Yamaha or Alesis (and of course Pearl's own systems).
It also completely supports 2-zone and 3-zone cymbals with piezo or switch technology, except for the new Roland Digital Pads.
The Pearl Mimic Pro e-drum module introduces the new Steven Slate Drums to the market: You read correctly! The Pearl Mimic Pro is powered by the Steven Slate Drums 5 library, which is otherwise not yet released.

Main facts on the Mimic Pro:

  • Onboard 120GB SSD drive - 60 pre-installed drum kits from the newest Steven Slate Drum library.
  • 7" color touchscreen - easy access to the menus leaves more time to play drums
  • Burr Brown converter: 3D realism with 24bit depth
  • Low-latency: Real-time drumming
  • Stand alone sound routing: You play the kit with all the effects but your playing is routing "dry" to the sound engineer
  • Multi-zone cymbals with choke
  • SD-card and USB support for sample import in WAV and AIF
  • Fast-interface: One controller and a touchscreen allow lightning fast handling and setup
  • Your prior e-drum setup remains up to date: The Pearl Mimic Pro is compatible to almost all current triggers and pads of the big e-drum manufacturers

Technical Features and overview to the Pearl Mimic Pro Sound Module w. Steven Slate Sounds:

  • A complete reworking of the standalone drum module
  • Beautifully integrated hardware and software
  • Responds naturally -- no lag or triggering failures
  • Fast, intuitive 7" IPS multi-touch interface
  • Swap out kits and pieces in seconds
  • Includes 60 kits from the Steven Slate Drums 5 library
  • Recorded in pro studios at 24-bit using the best microphones, EQs, and compressors
  • Blend samples with overhead and room mics for lifelike realism
  • 16 ins & outs to accommodate even the largest kits
  • Supports dual- and triple-zone cymbals with choke features
  • Burr Brown converters bring digital samples to life
  • Assign independent monitor and send mixes, with or without FX
  • Adjustable velocity and trigger sensitivity
  • Fly in your own samples via SD card or USB
  • Module only; cables, pads, and triggers not included
  • Module Trigger Inputs 16 x 1/4" (trigger in), 1 x 1/4" (hi-hat control)
  • Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4" (aux in)
  • Analog Outputs 6 x 1/4" (line out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
  • MIDI I/O In/Out
  • USB 1 x Type A (import WAVE, AIFF)
  • Other I/O 1 x RJ45
  • Storage 120GB solid state hard drive
  • SD-Card Slot
  • Power 12V DC power supply (included)

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Reviews by our customers
16 Dec 2018

Warten hat sich gelohnt !!!

Zugegeben - 8 Monate Wartezeit - hat viel Geduld abverlangt aber mit hervorragender Unterstützung von Drumtec.Das Mimic Ist die Investition wert und bringt einfach mehr Spielspaß und Realität. Die Sounds sind einfach mal Hammer . TOP

13 Dec 2018

Excellent service by drum-tec!

The follow up, sales & delivery service by drum-tec is outstanding - best prices in EU, immediate delivery and kind service!
As for the module... The PMP module has state of the art drum samples, indeed. But you will have to "fill up" the module before it becomes fun to use. There is a very limited number of samples and a total lack of percussion and FX sounds (only ONE single, really bad sounding cowbell in this entire module). Also, it is a major drawback, that there is no layering of sounds except on snare + kick, and only two layers here. I have been used to layer most of my toms and cymbals, triggering more rich sounds as well as fun stuff with e.g. gun shots or similar effects on top of crashes. Also, there is only an automatic x-talk learning function in the PMP, which doesn't seem to do the job eliminating x-talk sufficiently. I sure would have liked a way to manually fine adjust x-talk issues. Also, it takes time to figure out the user interface. After having used the module for 5 hours from I got it, I still haven't found where to bass/treble-equalize individual drums - which is necessary, as the very limited number of drum samples in the module rarely contains more than 4 toms from the same line and I have 5 toms. Coming from the much underestimated Alesis DM10 module, I have yet to find where the PMP is more configurable than the DM10 and the PMP is certainly slower to kit-switch and certainly has much, much fewer samples than the DM10. The PMP can apparently not handle my piezo-piezo-swich ride cymbal from Jobeky; the bell can not be brought to work. Major dissapointment that there are no settings for balance between bell / bow-edge, as hope of perfect 3-zone ride cymbal triggering was one of the reasons for getting this module.
I also got myself the drum-tec holding plate MPC-1. Don't! It is thin, soft plastic, so the PMP module wobbles and twists when operated.
I hope to grow to love this extraordinarily expensive module... still not quite there.

19 Sep 2018


Great delivery and great support as always.
And the module is awesome.
Keep up the good work guys!

16 Mar 2018


Top Modul mit super realistischen Sounds!!!! Für mich das beste Modul derzeit auf dem Markt. Und ich habe sie fast alle, außer das neue drumit3 und Alesis

20 Nov 2017

One of the Best Modules out there!!!

Up until now I have been stuck with Roland, but we replaced the TD module with the Mimic Pro. It is by far the most advanced and best sounding module I have ever used. If you are looking for a new one or something to replace what you have this is it!

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