Nux DM-210 E-Drum Set


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NUX DM-210: Your perfect introduction to mesh head E-drums

  • Get the feel of real heads right from the start
  • The sound module offers you many drum sounds in top quality. Just get started!
  • The set is also perfect as a second and practice e-drum

The NUX DM-210 is the perfect entry into the world of mesh head e-drums at a remarkably affordable price.

Mesh Heads have some big advantages compared to the typical rubber pads in this price range: the double-layered fabric skins on the pads give you a very realistic playing feel, because you can tension them individually and get exactly the rebound you need.


  • Dual zone pads with sensitive triggers
  • Differentiated operating cymbals
  • Sound module with 15 drum sets, recording and playback capability
  • Robust drum rack - easy to assemble and easy to transport
  • Including hi-hat controler and Kick pedal

Scope of delivery of the NUX DM-210:

  • 1 x DM-210 Drum Modul
  • 4 x 8" Tom/Snare Dual Zone Pads
  • 3 x 10" Dual Zone Cymbal Pads
  • 1 x Kickdrum
  • 1 x Hi-Hat Controller
  • 1 x Kick Pedal
  • 1 x Rack
  • 1 x Wiring harness
  • 1 x Power supply unit

Solid pads with good sound

The triggers in the 4 pads of the DM-210 are very sensitive. They realistically reproduce what you are drumming. The 3 dual tom pads offer an additional rim sound. The snare pad can also be played as an X-stick. All pads have the practical size of 8 inches.

The bass drum is a solid rubber pad on its own stand. It triggers accurately and gives your set the necessary kick. The smoothly working kick pedal is already included in the set. It has a beater with felt and plastic side. The best thing about it: you can continue to use it if you want to change the bass drum pad for a mesh head bass drum later on.

precise working dual zone cymbals

The hi-hat is controlled with the separate foot controller. The rubber coating offers smooth playability, just like on the two cymbals in the set. Crash and ride cymbals can be played at the bow and at the edge, and can also be stopped. The drum module additionally has an extra trigger input for another optional cymbal. Here, for example, a Roland CY-5 or CY-8 and also the Yamaha PCY95AT would be suitable.

Compact drum module with many features

The excellent sound, a clear display and the intuitive menu navigation of the module via its large control buttons are convincing right away. Compared to many other modules in this price range, the DM-210's module offers much more powerful and very acoustic sounding drum sound samples. For the 15 drum kits in the sound library, "class not mass" is the rule. One rarely needs more kits in a drum set in this range. The individual pads can be individualized in pitch in each set. The built-in reverb lets you simulate the room sound for each set as you like.

Carefully sampled sounds by experienced provider in sound modeling

The Asian manufacturer NUX is a renowned actor in the field of sound modeling. You can hear the great experience and the care with which the samples for the NUX drum kits are produced. This was the determining factor for us at drum-tec to include these NUX kits in our range of products.

The ideal e-drum as a second and practice set

The relatively quiet impact noise of the mesh heads and also the cymbals, as well as the compact proportions of the entire set make this E-drum the perfect practice drum set for home. Due to its size, it is also ideal for the session with friends or for the small gig with little space.

The NUX DM-210 is also very suitable for absolute beginners. It offers a number of own demo songs to which you can practice. A metronome helps you to perfect your timing. The module has a recording function. You can record yourself and then listen to which of your grooves, fills and rolls you can improve on. Via Aux-in or Bluetooth you can mix your favorite music, e.g. from your smartphone, into the drum sound and drum with your heroes.

Portable and sturdy E-drum

The DM-210 comes with a sturdy rack on which nothing shakes or rattles. Disassembled, the set fits in a gig bag and even in a larger sports bag. With the quick-release clamps, it's fast and easy to set up.

To get started right away, all you need is a pair of headphones and a stool. And if you don't have one: The set also sounds great standing up.

Acoustic Design: no
Color: Black
Finish: Black
Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Module: DM-210

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Customer reviews
8 Dec 2021

exellent purchase

First of all, this is not my first e drum set. Before the NUX I had the alesis nitro mesh. I sent it back after 1 week. The rack was very low (to low for an adult , I am 1.83 meter) , the quality of the sounds terrible and the kicktower danced all over the place. Then I purchased the Roland TD1DMK. Very good e drum set but two negative points: the kickdrum pad that was attached to the rack and the limitation of the module. When I hit the kickdrum the rack moved, even on a good carpet. The module has only 15 drumkits and you only can adjust the volume/sensitivity of the pads. Because of the limition of the module I sold it. Now I purchased this Nux DM210.
Positve points:
- very stable rack
- very stable kickdrumpad + kickdrum pedal is included (not the case with the Roland)
- very sensitive pads and cymbals (dual zone)
- 15 sets in the module but here you can adjust anything you want: choose another sound for the pads, adjust volume, pitch, sensitivity,....
- I find that the sounds are amazing for this price (see the youtube movie from drum-tec)
- Price: 400 euros for an amazing kit vs 600 for the Roland without kickdrumpedal.
- size of the snare pad may be bigger but for only 400 euros , it is acceptable
- You don t have a real rimshot, the rimshot is a clicksound. So if you play by accident the rim, you get a clicksound. I solved this by tilting the pad a little bit so I don t hit the rim by accident. You can get a rimshot sound if you hit the pad harder.
Overall: for me the best e drum kit in this pricerange.
Thanks to the Drum-tec team for all the advice they gave me by the purchase of this kit.

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