Mesh Heads
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Mesh Heads

E-Drum Mesh Heads ?All sizes ?1, 2 and 3 layer ?Professional advice ?Worldwide shipping ?We are drum-tec

This is your overview on mesh heads made by drum-tec, Roland, Remo, ATV and Aquarian.

We have the right fabric skins for your bass drum, kick drum or kick pad, for your e-drum snare Pad and for your Tom Pads. We also offer smaller sizes e.g. for the drum-tec eBans or the diabolo Dual Zone FX Pad.

You can choose between single layer, double layer and triple layer versions.

1-ply mesh heads like the drum-tec design series have a strong rebound and are very quiet. They are suitable for very quiet practicing and offer a good trigger response. A special thing are the 1-ply drum-tec pro mesh skins made of thicker material. They have a higher inherent volume and a very authentic rebound.

2-ply mesh heads have a moderate inherent sound volume with best trigger characteristics and very good rebound. Our Drum-tec design mesh heads are a good choice when you are looking for durable double-layered fabric surfaces.

The 3 layers of the real feel series offer a unique authentic feel at moderate volume and a perfect trigger result. The real feel mesh heads are also extremely durable.

What is rebound?

Rebound is the intensity with which your stick bounces off the surface of the head when you hit it.

You can also use the fabric skins to turn your acoustic set into a low-noise practice kit, because the air-permeable synthetic surfaces produce little or no resonant vibrations. You only hear the impact of your stick on the nylon fiber surface.

For E-drums in real size look with the shell dimensions of acoustic drums, single layer nylon skins in black and white are also very suitable as resonance heads for the ultimate look of your real size shells.

The first electronic drums were build with plastic and rubber skins, like the legendary Simmons E-Drums. Back when E-Drum technology wasn't as advanced as today, these materials provided the best trigger characteristics. However, rubber and especially plastic pads were relatively loud then and the play feel was very different from acoustic drums ans from todays E-Drums too.

Nylon or synthetic fiber skins are now used by almost all electric drum manufacturers to match the functionality and feel of acoustic drums. A lot has happened with these fabrics, too! In the early days, they were much simpler than they are nowadays. Visually, some models were not unlike a fly screen. Current fabric skins provide a much finer grid and can create a very authentic playing feel.

Don't hesitate to call or email us if you have questions about which solution is right for you and your personel playing feel. Our service team knows all the differences and needs on this and will be happy to help you. click here for contact.