GEWA Pro 5 Tom and Cymbal Stand

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GEWA Pro 5 Tom + Cymbal Stand

  • Combined stand for 1 cymbal and 1 tom or e-drum pad
  • Tom / e-drum pad height adjustable from 720 to 1100 mm
  • Cymbal stand height adjustable from 820 to 1150 mm
  • Cymbal boom length 420 mm

GEWA Pro 5 Tom + Cymbal Stand

The GEWA Pro 5 Tom/Cymbal Stand offers flexibility in setting up your acoustic drum kit or e-drum set. The swiveling telescopic arm provides maximum freedom in cymbal orientation. If needed, you can also retract the telescopic arm in the upper third of the frame to obtain a straight cymbal stand. With the L-rod tom/e-drum pad holder, you can position your e-drum pad or acoustic tom individually for your performance. In addition to the three double-braced legs for secure stability, the durable chrome finish ensures robustness and a high-quality look.

  • Combined stand for use with all cymbals and with toms or pads with L-rod mounting (Tama Style)
  • Double-braced legs with durable rubber feet
  • L-rod tom holder with ball joint for easy pad positioning
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