GEWA Pro 5 Snare Stand

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GEWA Pro 5 Snare Drum Stand

  • Sturdy double-braced snare drum stand
  • Basket width adjustable continuously

Solid Snare Drum Stand for All-Round Use

The GEWA Pro 5 Snare Drum Stand is ideal as a snare stand for your acoustic snare drum or your e-drum snare pad.

Of course, the snare stand is also suitable for a single acoustic tom or e-drum tom pad.

Even a handpan drum can be perfectly positioned with the GEWA Pro 5 Snare Drum Stand.


  • For shells or pads up to 14" in diameter
  • Height adjustable from 410 to 560 mm
  • Tilt adjustable with locking steps
  • Solid chrome-plated construction
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