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EFNOTE EFD-5: Great sound and perfect playability

  • First-class acoustic kits plus an exclusive selection of electronic sounds
  • 98 multi-layer stereo sounds for 17 preset kits plus 83 user kits
  • All sounds easily editable via touchscreen and rotary knob
  • Perfect response due to low latency and wide dynamic range


  • Touchscreen + one knob control
  • 98 multi-layer samples
  • User Instrument Library with 128 memory slots
  • 17 Preset Kits + 83 User Kits
  • Hi-End Digital Converter
  • Metronom, Onboard Recording, Rhythm Box
  • integrated USB Audio Interface (8 Out / 2 In)
  • MIDI In / Out via USB and Bluetooth
  • MIDI Out 5 pin
  • 2 x Analog Out 6.35 mm
  • Audio In 3.5 mm
  • Headphone Out 3.5 mm
  • Bluetooth

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x E-Drum sound module EFNOTE 5
  • 1 x module holder incl. clamp
  • 1 x smartphone tray
  • 2 x wiring harness
  • 4 x trigger cable
  • 1 x power supply
  • Velcro strips for cable fixation


The extraordinary natural sound of the EFNOTE drum module is based on its complexly produced multi-layer stereo samples. The 98 factory sounds offer an outstanding dynamic range. The sounds are editable, for your own creations 128 free slots of the user library are available. In addition to the 17 ready to play drum kits you can create 83 user kits.

The module is configured for kick, snare with head, rim and side-rim, hi-hat with edge and bow, 4 toms with head and rim, 3 cymbals with edge, bow, and cup, and for one additional cymbal with edge and bow.

With an optional splitter adapter cable, the tom inputs can be used as single trigger tom inputs. You can use the second input of the splitter to connect another cymbal, also as a single trigger pad.

The compact sound module with sturdy metal housing is operated via the graphical interface of its touch screen display and a rotary knob. With the easy to use menu, even inexperienced users can quickly access all functions and settings. The sounds can be tuned (Tuning), damped (Muffling) and tone controlled (EQ). In addition, there is a virtual mixer that can be used to individually adjust the volume of the instruments and route them to the outputs as needed.

The EFNOTE 5 has a built-in recorder that allows you to record up to 15 tracks. The metronome and rhythm box are ideal for practicing. You can also stream songs and play-alongs to the module via Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio input. The EFNOTE 5 has a USB audio interface that can pass eight tracks digitally to your workstation. In live operation, there are two analog outputs that can be sent to the mixing console. With its eight digital outputs, the EFNOTE 5 is ideal for recording. It can also be used for live and teaching purposes.

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