drum-tec Ralf Schumacher Signature E-Drum Stick


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drum-tec Ralf Schumacher Signature e-drum stick

Premium E-Drum sticks made of hickory, specially designed for the Mesh Head Pads of E-Drums.
In the last few years, manufacturers have made good progress in the rebound characteristics and inherent loudness of E-Drum pads. Still, the mesh head on the pad often has a harder rebound than a drum head on an acoustic drum. Most drummers find that "too bouncy." Do you feel the same too?

For this very case, we have developed our own stick collection, specially tailored to E-Drums. The drum-tec E-Drum sticks reliably offset excessive rebound behavior with modified shaped tapers and specially designed tips. We think: It hardly gets any closer to the rebound of an acoustic head.

Diameter in mm: 14,1
Length in mm: 407
Material: Maple
Tip: Oval
Type: Sonstige

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