drum-tec Protection Dot Bass Drum Patch 3x Pack

drum-tec Protection Dot: The Durable Stick-On Bass Drum Patch

  • 3x pack for a bargain price
  • Protect your mesh head from wear and tear
  • Strong bond: 3M adhesive-backed for easy installation
  • Double-Bass ready
  • Long service life: The Protection Dot is hard to to shred!

Prevent the premature demise of your mesh head! The drum-tec Protection Dot significantly increases the longevity of your mesh head. The path is double-bass proof thanks to its rectangular shape. The backside is covered in 3M glue for easy application.

Note: This product is the ultra-durable drum-tec Protection Dot. If you're looking to improve the rebound and feel of your kick we recommend the softer Protection Dot PRO.

Included in delivery

  • 3x drum-tec Protection Dot

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