drum-tec pro Snare 14" x 5,5" (white finish)

drum-tec pro Snare 14" x 5,5" (white)
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drum-tec pro Snare Drum 14" x 5,5" (white finish)

The high-end e-drum snare drum - Made in Germany!

  • full 5 year warranty on all drum-tec pro pads
  • 100% Roland compatible
  • Shells Made in Germany by SONOR

The sophisticated choice. Our beautiful drum-tec pro series e-drum is a visual masterpiece.
Refined shell design - our e-drums are said to "have a soul"

The drum-tec pro series is a proprietary design with acoustic-sized shells and the result from our combined experiences as e-drum professionals.

  • Our shells have been specifically designed for our trigger technology and are manufactured to our exact specifications. All required components have been built in laser-controlled precision work right here in Germany.
  • The drum-tec pro series supports high-end features like position-sensing (with Roland TD-12/20/25/30/50 sound modules) as well as complete dual-triggering on the toms.
  • Made in Germany: The entire series is assembled by hand to meet our incredibly high quality demands.
  • The drum-tec pro series comes with drum-tec triple-ply real feel mesh heads! They are incredibly authentic to play on, have the best trigger support and are extremely durable. (Note: The bass drum has a real feel trigger system where the beater actually sinks in to the head. This works even better with the 2-ply design series, which is why this is what's mounted on the bass)

The drum-tec pro series will fit you like a glove: It is not just a perfectly built e-drum.
The pro series also feels like the big drum-set it is with the dimensions, stage-presence and visual appeal of an acoustic set.

Each of our handmade "Made in Germany" e-drum pads have been subjected to a strict quality control. Only perfect pads are leaving our house!
full 5 year warranty on all drum-tec pro pads

All drum-tec pads of the pro- and diabolo series are compatible with the following components:

  • all Roland modules (TD-3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/15/17/20/25/30/50)
  • Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Roland TMC-6 and TM-2
  • all Roland octopads and multi-pads like SPD-S and SX, SPD-30 etc.
  • 2Box module drumIt5 and drumIt3
  • all ddrum modules (ddrum 2, 3, 4 + AT) Alesis DM10, trigger I/O, advanced drum module, strike. (with older Alesis modules partly just mono triggering)
  • Alesis performance pads, sample pads e.t.c.
  • Yamaha modules and also DTXM12 multi-pad - only 1 zone (no rim-sensing)
  • ATV aD5
Diameter in inch: 14
Depth in inch: 5,5
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Dual Zone
Finish: White
Series: pro

Reviews 5
Customer reviews
3 Sep 2019

Amazing snare

Note: I am using a Pearl Mimic Pro
This snare meets all of the high expectations I had based on what I read here and elsewhere online. Once I actually had it in my hands, the hype was tangible. It picks up everything. I can't imagine that there is something better out there. Well worth your money.
It also looks beautiful and it arrived to me in California from Germany in less than 3 days. I didn't even know that was possible.

18 Sep 2017


Mittlerweile stolzer Besitzer eines Jam-Sets aus dem Hause Drum drum-tec war mir beim Anspielen vor Ort die Original-Snare des Jam mit 10 Zoll ein bisschen zu klein, obwohl das Triggern schon sehr, sehr gut war. Ich habe dann den "Fehler" gemacht und die Pro-Snare gegengetestet und war völlig von den Socken. 14 Zoll meine Damen und Herren! Bespielbarkeit in Kombination mit einem TD25-Modul allererste Sahne, genial verarbeitet und an Perfektion grenzende Triggereigenschaften. Ich habe dann ungefähr eineinhalb Sekunden mit mir gerungen und die Snare gekauft, was ich trotz des Preises noch keine Sekunde bereut habe.

Die Pro-Snare vereint Bespielbarkeit, Optik und Haptik zu einem Meisterstück!

27 Aug 2017

Super Spielgefühl und top Verarbeitung

Noch viel besser als erwartet. Hatte zuvor eine normale akustische Snare mit 2Box Trigger, aber die drum-tec an einem TD-30 Modul ist um Welten besser, v.a. mit den Real Feel Heads.

17 Jul 2017

Schöne Optik und gut Verarbeitet.

Das Spielgefühl ist absolut nahe an einer Akustik Snare. Das Triggersystem spricht sehr genau an und in Verbindung mit dem TD 30 Modul ein Traum.

7 Jul 2017

genial, übertrifft alle Erwartungen

hatte vorher Snare PDX-100 von Roland, dieses ist viel besser vom Spielgefühlt her, reagiert noch genauer, mesh sind minim (wirklich minim) lauter dafür fast kein Unterschied mehr zu einem akustischen Drum. Bin begeistert sehr empfehlenswert auch von der Beratung her! Weiter so liebes drum tec Team, herzlichen Dank!

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