drum-tec pro 3 Snare Drum 14" x 7" (brown sunburst) b-stock

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drum-tec pro 3 series 14" x 7" Snare Drum Pad (brown sunburst) b-stock

Shipping return, function tested, accessories complete (may differ from original), may have traces of use.

  • Advanced trigger technology and best playability
  • Sophisticated acoustic look, barely different to an acoustic snare drum
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • 5 years warranty

Snare with 7 sensors - worldwide unique!

The drum-tec pro 3 snare drum provides an unrivaled precise reproduction of your playing style. A total of seven sensors transmit your impulses to the module.

In the epicenter of this E-Drum pad, under the middle of the 3-layer mesh head, three triggers detect even the finest nuances. Arranged trigonally, this results in a larger and dynamically more even head center area than all previous trigger systems in drum-tec snare drums.

A big advantage: the configuration of the triggers completely eliminates the appearance of a hotspot. Your drumming is getting a wider range and you have more freedom on the drum pads surface.

Three more head triggers are placed in the rim area of the shell. They are mounted on a separate hoop, isolated from the shell. The floating suspension of the triggers provides positional sensing that is independent of the drumheads tension. You can tighten your mesh head individually with the best rebound for you, still the trigger sensitivity remains at its best.

A system of struts and a centered rim trigger ensure perfect detection of the rim parts of your performance.

Exclusive on the pro 3 Snare: an additional switch, mounted on the outside, which lowers the output voltage of the head signal if necessary. This is advantageous for E-Drum modules that require a high level of rim detection for the natural reproduction of your sound.

Classy Acoustic Look

The groundbreaking technology of the drum-tec pro 3 series is hidden in high-quality 6-layer birch wood shells, which are available in four high-gloss finishes . Solid chrome-plated hardware completes the premium look. Each drum-tec pro 3 pad is handcrafted in our manufactory in Northern Germany.

drum-tec real feel Mesh Heads

The shells of the pro 3 series are covered with white drum-tec real feel mesh heads on the striking side. Their convincing features include a unique rebound, very low intrinsic noise and a long service life.

Scope of delivery of the drum-tec pro 3 snare drum

  • 1 x drum-tec pro 3 snare drum
  • Delivery without cable
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