drum-tec diabolo Stage with Roland TD-27DP and rack (red sparkle)

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drum-tec diabolo with Roland TD-27 Upgrade Pack and Rack (red sparkle)

The sophisticated alternative to the Roland TD-27KV

  • includes the drum-tec TD-27 Live Sound Edition with Snare Samples

A perfect fit for the Roland TD-27 sound module:The drum-tec diabolo mesh head set has stunning playing-characteristics and really comes alive with the brilliant sounds and spot-on triggering from the Roland TD-27 module.

  • The drum-tec diabolo series, like its big brother the drum-tec pro series, is a proprietary design and the result of our longstanding experience as e-drum professionals.
  • The entire series is assembled by hand to meet our incredibly high quality demands.
  • We only make use of beautifully finished shells that have been specifically designed for our trigger technology and are manufactured to our exact specifications. All required components have been built in laser-controlled precision work right here in Germany.
  • The drum-tec diabolo series supports high-end features like position-sensing (with Roland TD-12/20/25/27/30/50 and Pearl Mimic Pro sound modules) as well as complete dual-triggering on the toms.
  • The bass drum is equipped with the Real Feel Damping System which provides an authentic playing feel with minimal noise development.
  • All pads are equipped with a 2-ply drum-tec design mesh head. They are amazing to play and feature outstanding trigger-characteristics and extremely high durability while still producing only minor surface noise.

Having combined our accomplished diabolo shells with proven Roland technology, the drum-tec diabolo TD-27 kit becomes the perfect mesh head set in the upper price range.

Components of the drum-tec diabolo Stage with Roland TD-27 Upgrade Pack and rack (red sparkle):

  • 1 x drum-tec series diabolo 12"x5" tom
  • 2 x drum-tec series diabolo 10"x5" tom
  • 1 x drum-tec series diabolo 18"x12" Real Feel bass drum
  • 1 x Roland PD-140DS digital snare drum
  • 1 x Roland TD-27 sound module
  • 1 x Roland CY-12C crash cymbal
  • 1 x Roland CY-13R crash cymbal
  • 1 x Roland CY-18DR digital ride cymbal
  • 1 x Roland VH-11 hi-hat cymbal
  • 1 x Roland MDS-Grand rack
  • 1 x SD-Card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition for the Roland TD-27, Real Snare Sample Package and Roland Artist Kits
  • all required cables are included
  • without bass drum pedal, snare and hi-hat stand


Acoustic Design: yes
Color: Red
Finish: Red Sparkle
Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Module: TD-27
Series: diabolo

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