drum-tec diabolo Single Zone FX Pad 6" x 3,5" (stainless steel


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drum-tec diabolo 6" Single Zone FX Pad Stainless Steel

  • Perfect as a side snare, percussion FX pad or small tom on your acoustic drum kit or E-Drum
  • The Single Zone Trigger works with any drum modul
  • The size of 6" fits in every existing Set

The drum-tec diabolo Single Zone FX Pad is the perfect add-on for any drum kit. Additional E-snare or percussion sound for your acoustic set or your E-drum: The small diabolo is the pad for everything! It gives you the possibility to play every effect and sound that your drum module offers.

Sensitive multi-compatible trigger

The Single Zone side trigger operates confidently and provides the dynamic of each of your strokes authentically to the effect module of your choice. The small diabolo pad is compatible with any drum module and effects processor in the world.

Real rebound

The pad is equipped with the reliable 2-layer drum-tec design Mesh Head. Its tension can be adjusted individuell. This gives you exactly the rebound you need for your style of playing. The hoop is covered with a full rim rubber.

Multi-flexible use

The convenient sized 6" pad fits into any set-up. Any T-style tom or pad holder is suitable for the pad. By using this and possibly a multi-clamp, the pad fits on every stand and rack.

Made in Germany

The pad has a stainless steel shell and chrome-plated fittings. It is handcrafted in our factory in Hessisch Oldendorf.

Technical specifications:

  • Pad size: 6"
  • Shell depth: 3"
  • Head: drum-tec design Mesh Head
  • Single zone rim trigger system
  • Rubber covered rim
  • Pad holder: L-Rod T-Style (e.g. Tama)
  • Connector: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Shell: Stainless Steel
  • Fittings: Die cast chrome plated
  • Number of tuning screws: 4

Reviews 2
Customer reviews
24 Nov 2019

Great pad, beautiful look, and the best quality.

Great add-on drum pad with a beautiful look and super high quality construction. Thanks again drum-tec.

26 Apr 2019

Highly Recommended

This is a great product. I use no less then 4 of these pads on a T stand. They trigger very well and stabile with the TD50 module. The tiny side mounted trigger is well placed so hitting it directly are not something that happen in practical use of the drums, no positional sensing here but that is not either needed for the intended use of the pads. They are a perfect addition/expansion to any multi pad and their small size make them fit in neatly at most positions and cramped places around on your set. I really can not think of anything about these pads that I find to be negative versus the intended use of them, amateur and professional alike can take great joy from their use and they look good on all kit's from any angle.

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