drum-tec diabolo floor tom 13" (hand hammered) b-stock

drum-tec diabolo Floortom 13"
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drum-tec diabolo 13" floor tom (b-stock): Compact acoustic design & outstanding playing feel

Shipping return, function tested, accessories complete (may differ from original), may have traces of use.

  • Authentic playing feel thanks to dynamic triggers and mesh heads
  • Exclusive acoustic design: The hand hammered shells combine acoustic design with advenced trigger technology.
  • Stage ready: The diabolo floor tom doesn't stop at beautifying your living room! It is designed to perform on stage.
  • Made in Germany! We carefully manufacture our drums by hand - you can meet our instrument makers.

E-Drums, Made in Germany: This is how a high-quality diabolo floor tom is made!

The diabolo floor tom is not a mass product from some factory. Our e-drums are handmade in our workshop in Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany.
(After completion your floor tom will be signed on the inside by our instrument maker).

We have been building high-end e-drums since 2006 and know from experience which materials are particularly durable and how a professional trigger system has to be configurated. With the diabolo floor tom false triggers, double triggers and dropouts are a matter of the past!

Your dynamics are reflected by the trigger system, true to your playing. Even your most virtousic patterns are triggered with ease!

A real eye-catcher: Stunning acoustic design, full e-pad capabilities

The drum-tec diabolo series offers you the best of both worlds: The playing feel and look of a acoustic drums combined with the compact footprint of diabolo e-drums.

With its 13" diameter the diabolo floor tom is a perfect addition to the existing diabolo pads, whether you prefer a drum rack or stands.

Creative, flexible and future-proof!

The diabolo floor tom has two trigger zones - head and rim - which can be addressed individually according to your own needs. Your creativity determines what you do with it! Do you prefer a classic combination of head and rim sound, do you prefer to use a cowbell or a clap to enhance your playing? It's your choice.

You will be amazed by the fantastic feeling.

2-ply mesh head: Silent playing with authentic rebound and outstanding trigger results

Our diabolo series is equipped with double-layered design mesh heads - our best selling mesh head since 2006! The drum-tec design mesh head offers you an authentic rebound, triggers perfectly, is incredibly durable and quiet!

Can I use the diabolo floor tom with my sound module?

The diabolo floor tom is compatible with most common sound modules. You can find a detailed overview of the modules right here:

The diabolo series is compatible with most common sound modules. You can find a detailed overview of the modules right here:

  • All Roland modules from TD-3, ..., TD-11, .. TD-17, TD-27 to TD-50/X and everything in between
  • Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Roland TMC-6, TM-2
  • All Roland Octapads and Multipads from the SPD series, like SPD-S/SX and SPD-30
  • ATV aD5, xD3
  • All EFNOTE modules
  • 2Box module drumIt5, drumIt5 MKII and drumIt3
  • all ddrum modules (ddrum 2, 3, 4 + AT)
  • Yamaha DTXM12 Multipad - 1 zone only (no rim detection)
  • Yamaha modules - 1 zone only (no rim detection)

Delivery scope:

  • drum-tec diabolo 13" floor tom (hand hammered)
  • incl. legs
  • incl. drum-tec design mesh head (mounted)
  • without cable

Dimensions (without packaging)

  • Weight: 7,00 kg
  • Width: 37 cm
  • Height:
    • Leg extended to minimum: 51 cm
    • Legs extended to maximum: 68 cm
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