drum-tec diabolo 12" x 5" mesh head pad (red sparkle)


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drum-tec diabolo 12" x 5" meshhead Pad (red sparkle)

The drum-tec diabolo series, like its bigger brother the drum-tec pro series, is a completely in-house developed instrument and the result of years of experience of the drum-tec e-drum professionals! We assemble the entire series by hand to make absolutely sure to maintain such a high standard. The diabolo series is made out of beautifully painted shells produced to our exact specifications which are tuned to work perfectly with our newly developed Trigger System. All the trigger components are industrially built with laser-controlled precision right here in Germany and specifically for drum-tec.

  • the drum-tec diabolo series supports high-end features like position-sensing (with Roland TD-12/20/25/30/50 sound modules)
  • provides complete dual-triggering
  • all pads are equipped with a 2-ply drum-tec design mesh head.
  • they are amazing to play and feature outstanding trigger-characteristics and extremely high durability while still producing only minor surface noise.
  • will be delivered without cable

The drum-tec diabolo pad is the ideal mesh head pad within the mid-price range.

All drum-tec pads of the pro- and diabolo series are compatible with the following components:

  • all Roland modules (TD-3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/15/17/20/25/30/50)
  • Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Roland TMC-6 and TM-2
  • all Roland octopads and multi-pads like SPD-S and SX, SPD-30 etc.
  • 2Box module drumIt5 and drumIt3
  • all ddrum modules (ddrum 2, 3, 4 + AT) Alesis DM10, trigger I/O, advanced drum module, strike. (with older Alesis modules partly just mono triggering)
  • Alesis performance pads, sample pads e.t.c.
  • Yamaha modules and also DTXM12 multi-pad - only 1 zone (no rim-sensing)
  • ATV aD5

Dimensions (without packaging)

  • Weight: 2,9kg
  • Width: 32cm
  • Height: 16cm

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Customer reviews
30 Sep 2018

Great Diabolo's Tom! Superbe Tom Diabolo de 12"

Iv' bought this great 12" Diabolo's Tom (with the Diabolo's Bass drum and 10" diablo's tom), and it works really great. The Drum-Tec drum head is really pleasant to play. This instrument is absolutely beautiful and looks very good with the other Diabolo's pads. Build quality is perfect as well. Very well packaged.
J'ai acheté ce tom de 12" en complément de la grosse caisse Diabolo et d'un Tom de 10": Cet élément est de très bonne facture et est vraiment superbe. La qualité de fabrication est excellente, comme les autres éléments Diabolo. Le conditionnement est soigné et le temps de livraison record. La peau Mesh Drum-Tec est vraiment excellente et le feeling est très bon. Merci à Matthias pour ses précieux conseils!

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