Agean "Natural Jazz" Low Noise Cymbal Set


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Agean „Natural Jazz" Low Noise Cymbal Set with 20" Ride, 13" Hi Hat and 16" Crash

Thanks to the amazing success of the Agean "R" series and with the help from our customers and their feedback we teamed up with Agean and developed a new line of low noise cymbals: The Agean "Natural Jazz" Low Noise Series:

  • Earthy and dry, warm and complex sound
  • "More wash, less ping"
  • Thicker and darker sound compared to the Agean "R" series
  • Perfectly suited for Blues, Jazz & Funk thanks to the lower frequency range

"No machines but only fingers to produce" - The Agean way

which continues to impress us with dedicated manufacturing methods and beautiful cymbal sounds.

  • Cymbals made from B20 Bronze
  • The new Agean "Natural Jazz" Low Noise Practice Cymbals are authentic, beautiful sounding cymbals perfectly crafted for practice session or small club gigs.
  • These handmade Turkish cymbals are 60 to 80% quieter than customary cymbals, depending on the style.
  • In our own words: "THESE CYMBALS SOUND AMAZING!

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Customer reviews
24 Mar 2020

Low volume with real sound & good looks

An excellent product as my first order with drum-tec in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic (March 2020), despite which their service was of the highest standard.

The cymbals were well protected in good air courier worthy packaging and upon opening it was instantly pleasing to see the cymbals bag that was included - lovely touch and IMO essential..

The Agean Low Volume Natural Jazz cymbals are an exact version of the normal set but low volume unlike other makes from leading cymbal manufacturers, whose designs are from scratch. This makes a huge difference to price and tone.

The main reason I bought these cymbals was because I wanted a sound that had more cymbal than stick but yet was low volume for practice. I was not disappointed. The cymbals themselves are an ideal proportion for an electronic drum pad kit and fitted in superbly with the overall look of the setup.

To be clear they are low volume cymbals and do not pretend to be silent. For me this encourages control, which is quickly rewarded during practice with excellent stick response and no degradation in sound quality. The tone itself is versatile enough to cope with the wide genre that Jazz represents and rivals full set normal volume cymbals. Admittedly, the price is very high when compared to other low volume cymbals but IMO there are no equivalent sounding alternatives for any price.

A very happy customer here. I shall definitely keep these guys on my future shopping list. Drum-tec's sticker already adorns my Wall of Fame.

9 Jul 2019

exciting cymbals

Exciting cymbals with the right feeling in combination with the TD50 as well as for a smaller gig where the sound level is important. A very positive experience

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