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This is your overview on E-Drum Cymbals made by Roland, Yamaha, ATV, EFNOTE, Alesis, 2Box

We have single trigger E-Cymbals, dual zone E-Cymbals with edge and bow, and 3-zone E-Cymbals with edge, bow and cup. You can play them as splash, crash, ride and FX. We also deliver hi hats with top and bottom or with top and sensor for your hi hat stand and also one-piece hi hats with food control.

At drum-tec you get the "hot shit" and also almost everything else on electronic drums. Innovative Roland Digital Pads and the stylish EFNOTE E-Cymbals, but also durable entry-level pads of many manufacturers and special FX cymbals. We offer a great range of Instruments from Roland, EFNOTE, Yamaha, ATV, Alesis, 2Box und Gewa.

We have the Roland VH-10 V-Drums hi hat, the CY-18DR digital ride, the ATV aD-H12 aDrums hi hat, the cool ATV aD-C17FX, the universal Yamaha PCY155 and PCY175pads, the small EFNOTE splash with holder, the special EFNOTE hi hat, the3 zone ride from the Alesis Strike series and manny more electronic cymbals.

In our online shop you will find the right E-cymbal for your E-Drum module

  • Roland TD-07, TD-17, TD-25, TD-27, TD-30, TD50 und TD50X
  • Pearl Mimic Pro
  • ATV xD3, aD5
  • EFNOTE EFD-3, EFD-3X, EFD-5, EFD-5X, EFD-7
  • Yamaha EAD10, DTX700, DTX900, DTX-PRO, DTX-PRO X
  • Alesis Strike
  • NUX DM-210, DM-7X
  • 2Box DrumIt Three, DrumIt Five
  • GEWA G5, G9

What is an E-Drum cymbal?

Simply it is an electric driven pad that detects your strike on the gum or rubber surface and transmits it as an electric signal to your drum module. Depending on the type, you have a Single Trigger, a Dual Trigger or a Three Zone pad. A novelty in the e-drum components are the digital cymbals from Roland.

Single Zone / Single Trigger Pads

Single trigger pads consist of a single trigger arcitecture. This detects the force of a hit on the surface and can transmit a corresponding pulse to the e-drum module. With a single zone E-cymbal, you can trigger only one sound, which is then produced by the module at different volumes, depending on the strength of the hit. Single zone E-cymbals are great for use as a splash, simple crash, for small effects, as an additional instrument on the e-drum, and for percussion such as a cowbell sound. E-drum cymbals with single trigger are available in affordable price ranges and in a sturdy quality.

Dual Zone / Dual Trigger Pads

Dual trigger cymbals recognize your stroke position by their triggers on the edge and bow of the pad. The position of your stroke results in a distance to the respective trigger. If the stroke is closer to the edge, the trigger for the edge will register the impact sooner than the one for the surface will notice the signal. From this difference, a module can calculate which of the sounds stored to mix together and "fire" as that cymbal sound. A dual zone is perfect as a crash, as a hi-hat and also as a ride, if you can do without the cup on that one. It also covers all the potential of single zone cymbals. Most of today's modules are prepared to work with dual zone cymbals. Dual zonepads are currently the most common electronic cymbals and they are compatible with most modules on the market.

Three Zone Pads

Three zone, triple or 3-zone pads, recognize your performance on the edge, the bow and the cup. The technical principle is the same as with dual trigger models, except here with three triggers instead of two. 3-zone cymbals are perfect as a ride. However, as a ride with edge, bow and cup, they require a module that offers these three components as separate inputs and can generate the corresponding sound components.

Digital Pads

Roland V-Drums digital cymbals represent the high-end class of realistic E-drums on the market. Your druming is passed on to the module so realistically, latency-free and in high resolution that you can hear every subtile nuance. Due to the special digital trigger output and the necessary processing power, the V-Drums digital cymbal pads are exclusively compatible with the Roland TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X modules.

Authentic reproduction of your performance

Ideally, a good multi-trigger cymbal and a corresponding module will produce the sound that corresponds to the sound that would be produced if you were to perform the same action, the same beat on a metal cymbal. Today, the dynamics and nuances of the way you play are so authentically reproduced by good E-drums, that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference just by listening.

Wide range of usage and unlimited sound variety

E-drum cymbals have only a low inherent noise when struck, because they usually have a rubber surface that absorbs the impact noise. E-Drums in general are a good option for quiet practicing due to their low inherent noise. They are great for top notch home recording with live recorded drums. Of course, you can also play live gigs with an E-drum. The big advantage of E-drums versus acoustic drums and of E-cymbal pads versus metal cymbals is the unlimited variety of sounds. With an E-cymbal pad you can trigger any sound you want. Unlike metal cymbals, they are not limited by there size and type.

More options to play more qiuet

E-drum pads are not the only options besides conventional acoustic instruments. Low noise cymbals also offer quiet inherent sounds. They are made of the same materials and alloys as conventional instruments. However, due to countless symmetrical holes on the surface they are because the vibrations of the material are not so persistent when played. These instruments sound like the real thing, but are not as loud. They are therefore perfect for acoustic concerts, small stages and, of course, for the rehearsal room. Low Noise instruments also do not require a module, but are ready to play as individual components. We have a large number of different Low Noise items from Sabian, Zildjian, Arborea and Agean. With special alloys, special shapes and in many sizes.