Zildjian presents: ALCHEM-E E-DRUM KITS!

Zildjian, a leading manufacturer of percussion instruments, unveils the Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series, which comprises a revolutionary lineup of electronic drum kits. This series offers a wide range of electronic drum sets, from the compact Bronze EX to the flagship Gold EX, all equipped with innovative Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals and the feature-rich Zildjian E-VAULT (ZEV1) Drum Module.

Alchem-E Series Bronze EX

The Bronze EX kit features:

  • Compact and easy-to-transport shell sizes
  • Durable, elegant matte black finish
  • Shell construction made of poplar/linden

Alchem E-Series Gold & Gold EX

The Gold & Gold EX kits showcase:

  • Full-size acoustic shells for maximum stage presence and acoustic feel
  • 7-ply shell construction made of North American maple
  • Custom Black Gold Foundry Shimmer Lacquer Finish
  • Easy conversion from electronic to acoustic with acoustic resonance heads

ZILDJIAN E-FAMILY Cymbals: Revolutionary Innovation

The Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals set new standards:

  • Look, feel, and response of acoustic cymbals but significantly quieter
  • Most dynamic, realistic, and responsive electronic Hi-Hat solution
  • All cymbals (crashes, rides, and hi-hats) playable on three zones (bell, bow, and edge)
  • Access to a wide selection of Zildjian Sound Library with the ZILDJIAN Module
  • No cymbal pads, but genuine Zildjian L80 Low-Volume acoustic cymbals
  • Made in the Foundry Norwell, MA, USA

ZILDJIAN E-VAULT Drum Module: Innovative Sound at Your Fingertips

The ZILDJIAN E-VAULT Drum Module offers:

  • Authentic sound library with high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds
  • Intuitive navigation through a high-quality 5" color touch display
  • Professionally configured kits and customizable user kits
  • Bluetooth audio connection for wireless audio transmission
  • Extensive connectivity options including MIDI, USB, and audio outputs
  • Adjustable ambience, EQ, and compressors for optimal sound production

The Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series combines cutting-edge technology with over 400 years of experience and innovation in drum manufacturing. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, these drum kits offer an unparalleled playing experience.

For more information and availability of the Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series, visit Zildjian's official website. Available from September 2024.

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