Release: drum-tec Jam 3

We at drum-tec are proud to announce the release of our latest e-drum series today: the Jam 3 Series! Like all drum-tec e-drums, the Jam 3 Series is handcrafted in our factory in northern Germany, so it's "Made in Germany"! With an entry price of only 999.00 euros, it offers some impressive features for this price range, making the playing experience more authentic than ever.

The set consists of a 12" snare drum pad with a center trigger system and position sensing, an 18" bass drum with a basic damping system, and a 10" rack tom and 12" floor toms with a newly developed dual-edge trigger system.

Thanks to the compact drum shell dimensions in acoustic design and the 2-ply drum-tec design mesh heads on all the shells, the Jam 3 e-drums provide a perfect playing experience reminiscent of acoustic drums and simply fun to play!

In the development of the Jam 3 Series, our team placed special emphasis on fine-tuning the trigger systems and selecting the materials used to achieve a perfect result in a price range that was previously unimaginable for a Made in Germany set. The high-quality components and first-class craftsmanship guarantee long-lasting durability without any loss of quality. The Jam 3 Series from drum-tec is the perfect choice for live performances, studio recordings, or private use.

We are excited to offer drummers around the world a great opportunity to improve their playing and take their skills to the next level. The Jam 3 Series from drum-tec is now available, and we look forward to inspiring the drummer community with it.

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