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ATV aDrums - artist Shell Set Standard

With the High End E-Drum Pads of the artist-series the Japanese manufacturer ATV presents a timeless classic design and perfection in all details.
High-quality materials are used for every component of these electronic E-Drum pads in an acoustic look. The artist-series drums include the 10" Tom Pad, a 13" Floor Tom Pad, a 13" E-Snare Drum and an 18" Electronic Bass Drum.

  • Compatible with E-Drum modules from Roland, ATV, Alesis, 2Box, Pearl, and many more.
  • High-End Dual Zone E-Drum Pad
  • In authentic sizes
  • Designed in Japan
  • Extremely natural game dynamics
  • ATV's newly developed trigger system with very low latency
  • two layer mesh heads from ATV
  • Two trigger zones (with corresponding E-Drum module)
  • Delivery without tom holder and without cable

aDrum - A dynamic that is comparable to an acoustic drum set:

Conventional electronic drums usually had so-called "hot spots", which generated a trigger signal that was too high when it was struck in the center of the E-Drum pad. This in turn meant that the sound module had to narrow the width of the dynamics to make these hotspots less pushy. The aDrum Trigger architecture, however, uses multiple sensors for the drums and cymbals, enabling consistent sensitivity across the entire playing surface of all pads. This allows a noticeable increase in dynamic range.

Shell set Standard consisting of:

  • 18" Bass Drum
  • 10" Tom
  • 13" Floor Tom
  • 13" Snare Drum

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