ATV aDrums - artist Cymbal 16"


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ATV aDrums - artist Cymbal 16"

With this completely newly developed artist E-Cymbal series, the Japanese e-drum manufacturer ATV presents a real "game changer" in the world of electronic drum cymbals.

  • Fully compatible with all E-Drum modules by ATV, Roland, Alesis, Pearl
  • Authentic sizes and a balanced weight
  • full 360 degree playing surface
  • Extremely high trigger dynamic range
  • Very high quality made of robust black silicone
  • New optical hi-hat sensor, which works contactless and therefore enables highest precision
  • All cymbals of the artist series from 10" to 18" have two trigger inputs: CUP / EDGE
  • => Thus all cymbals offer 3 trigger zones - this is revolutionary!
  • Choke capable (stop function)

Freedom for your new electronic cymbals!

  • The ATV aDrum artist cymbals have a newly designed pivot point
  • This enables the 10" to 18" aDrum cymbals to vibrate naturally in all directions.
  • All artist cymbals from 10" to 18" have 3 trigger zones and are fully choke capable.
  • The aCymbals can be played 360 degrees in the entire circumference and therefore do not need rotation stoppers anymore.
  • They are simply mounted on the cymbal stand like an acoustic cymbal.
  • In addition, attention has been paid to how the whole cymbal bends when the edge is beaten = > PUR authenticity!
  • A new edge construction / cymbal edge has been developed that gives the drummer the feel of a real big bronze cymbal, despite the use of a silicone rubber surface.
  • The new ATV Cymbls are also quiet like hardly any other E-Drum cymbal.


  • (No accessories, cables etc. included!)

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Customer reviews
8 May 2020

Good but honestly I was expecting more

I bought the ATV 16'' to substitute my old Roland CY 15' R ride. Reviews on ATV 16" were excellent but I can't say to be fully satisfied. To have the ATV sound like the Roland I had to increase sensitivity from 8 (Roland CY 15R) to 20 but still I could not have the response I wanted on the edge area. Bell triggering is fine (better than Roland may be?!) but as a whole performance I was expecting more. I went back to my Roland ride and will use this ecymbal as a crash instead

7 Aug 2019

Top Pad

Ein supergeiles Spielgefühl. Viel wertiger als z.B. Roland CY Serie. Triggert zu 100% akkurat! Kaufen!

16 Jul 2019

Perfect 3-zone triggering, slick look

I was on the lookout for a new ride cymbal but I wanted to avoid the Roland 15R due to its notoriously inconsistent bell (when not modded). This cymbal is just perfect for me as I didn't want to go all the way to 18 inches. I now finally have a ride that has consistent bell triggering without having to hit the bell like it owes me money. Works fine with my TD-12 module.
Choking also seems a bit more natural than my Roland cymbals.

I've seen people noticing "microdents" after using these cymbals when they first came out. For the record there are absolutely none on mine, after using it for a couple of months. I can't feel any dents even when slowly running my fingers over its surface. Also, even though it doesn't have a stopper it swings perfectly fine without spinning around. These are very thin and light and looks pretty slick. Well done ATV.

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